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Why is the sneaker war at the end of the year so fierce?


In the past, everyone would look forward to the release of AJ 11 by the end of the year;

At the end of 2015, Adidas released a new flagship product “NMD” in New York;

Last year, Nike made a series of products of “Twelve Souls”, which cooperated with a whole set of marketing activities;

By this year, both Nike and Adi have gone crazy. The two sides have been fighting each other since October, and there is no intention of a ceasefire. Seeing that, I have been fighting all the way to the annual “Chinese New Year”. Adidas’ “mastiff shoes” have also appeared.

Why is the sneaker war at the end of the year so fierce?

So, why are sports brands suddenly full of chicken blood at the end of the year?

The two months at the end of each year are very suitable for limited sales and blockbuster new product releases. On the one hand, when the weather is cold, the demand for sports brand shoes will be relatively low (by contrast, the proportion of clothing will increase), on the other hand, due to the influence of Double 11, the sales of ordinary styles are concentrated. in discounts and online channels. The combination of the two allows sports brands to choose to focus more on limited and flagship new models at the end of the year.
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Such products are relatively less affected by climate and discount atmosphere.

Why is the sneaker war at the end of the year so fierce?

Not only that, the rhythm and performance of the end of the year are also closely related to the brand’s final performance and brand popularity, especially the latter, which will continue to affect the upcoming Lunar New Year peak: this is the most important sales of sports brands throughout the year. one of the schedules. At the end of this year, Nike will bombard key shoes such as AF1 and DUNK SB with co-branding and marketing, which will be of great help to the start of mass sales next year (the momentum has already picked up). In contrast, the four YEEZY and CHANEL X PW X NMD are a bit weak in this regard, and they are slightly less helpful for large shoes. Buy Shoes and don’t miss Foot Locker discount code at Foot Locker Discount Code NHS at Foot Locker NHS Discount

Why is the sneaker war at the end of the year so fierce?

However, Adidas is not idle either. After all, AF 1 and DUNK SB are not new shoes.

The rich history allows Nike to use co-branding and re-engraving methods for pre-heating marketing, while Adidas will continue the road of NMD that year and vigorously promote new shoes at the end of the year: Prophere, well I call it tank shoes. It was a familiar scene. If you can use the few weeks at the end of the year to quickly increase the popularity and market demand, then after the beginning of the year, the mercury will naturally launch an offensive, just like in 2016.

Why is the sneaker war at the end of the year so fierce?

Nike and Adidas were so strong that other brands looked flat and struggled at the end of the year, even though they actually did a lot. From a business point of view, all brands want to make good use of the opportunity at the end of the year to reach different target consumers and increase their marketing and popularity, but under the marketing and sales of the two giants, who will Any chance to show up?
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Puma was unusually quiet at the end of the year, and Madness and Timberland were only slightly swayed. It takes works like FEAR OF GOD X VANS to grab a place. Therefore, even if everyone knows that this is an important juncture, they have made due efforts, but they can only do their best.

Looking back,

there are so many rounds at the end of the year, which is absolutely good news for consumers. More choices, more reasonable prices, if you want to differentiate yourself, you want to buy new shoes for the New Year, you can meet all kinds of needs. The color matching of YEEZY 350 V2 BELUGA 2.0 allows more and more shoe fans to wear YEEZY at the original price, which is closer to the actual value. No matter how strong marketing is, in the end, more and more consumers must wear their feet, and that is the ultimate victory. Fierce competition will force brands to listen more to the needs of consumers and to respect our ideas more.

The WeChat public account of the same name “What are sports brands busy” is about to update the “2022 End-of-Year Inventory Series”, welcome to pay attention.


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