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Cigarettes are one of the most consumed and common forms of tobacco. In today’s world, they are being purchased at a larger and faster pace.
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Since they have a delicate structure, they require extra care when it comes to packaging.

The tobacco companies have gone through much loss and a bad reputation for their brands because of damaged cigarettes. Usually, the damage is caused during the shipping process. Furthermore, if the packaging isn’t strong enough, then the cigarettes get damaged when customers carry them with them.

People who have a busy schedule, require paper cigarette boxes that they can easily carry with them, without the fear of their cigarettes getting damaged. At iCustomBoxes, we have worked on this element. Hence, we produced the strongest quality cardboard cigarette boxes.

Brief Description

  • Cardboard cigarette boxes are comparatively sturdy than other cigarette boxes
  • They are able to provide a firm protection
  • They act as a shield to your cigarettes
  • Cardboard cigarette boxes are easy to carry
  • Many people find cardboard cigarette boxes aesthetically appealing as well

Preference for Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette Boxes 2

Cardboard cigarette boxes are now being greatly preferred by multiple tobacco companies. There are not one but many features that lead to this preference. Throughout these years, manufacturers have always looked forward to a better way of presenting their products.

Every product has its own demands. Moreover, every product demands to be protected. In case you are unable to protect your product, it will damage your brand image. The struggle to have an improved brand image, worth and value are real and unquestionable.

The durability of the packaging is the main concern. When your packaging isn’t durable, your product will get damaged. There is no doubt about it. A damaged product means a damaged brand image.

Thus, cigarette manufacturers have found cardboard cigarette boxes convenient. They feel that these types of boxes must be brought to use. Furthermore, they not only protect the cigarettes but are also a better way of presenting your cigarettes. Another important point is that not only tobacco companies prefer such packaging now. The customers have always picked up cardboard cigarette boxes and we are not surprised!

About the Stock Material

All the stocks offered at iCustomBoxes are of the highest quality. Our cardboard cigarette boxes are manufactured from our cardboard stock-one of the most chosen stocks amongst all!

Here are a few things that you need to know about the cardboard stock:

  • It is stronger in nature
  • The cardboard material is highly inexpensive
  • This stock has high eco-friendly properties.
  • Having high eco-friendly properties mean that they can be easily recycled. Thus, you become a volunteer for the environment.

Moreover, some manufacturers are extra conscious when it comes to packaging. Henceforth, we allow them to adjust the thickness of their packaging. Our cardboard stock is naturally thick. However, client satisfaction is our topmost priority and concern. Therefore, we allow our clients to work on their cardboard stock and add to its thickness according to their satisfaction.

We eliminate all your worries. Team iCustomBoxes has always looked forward to dealing with all the concerns of their clients. Our team allows you to be in full control of your packaging. Hence, deciding how thick the cardboard packaging material will be is now in your hands!

Impact of Easily Recyclable Cardboard Cigarette Boxes on sales

In today’s world, every customer is aware of the increasing pollution. Be it, smokers or non-smokers, everyone tries to play their part in saving the environment. No matter how small the contribution is, it matters.

Team iCustomBoxes has played its part in this cause as well. Our cardboard cigarette boxes are not only durable. But, they also don’t pose a threat to the environment. Since they are highly eco-friendly, they can be easily recycled.

This factor has a great impact on customers. Every buyer is very considerate towards the purchases they make because of this concern. Whenever they see cardboard packaging, they know that it can be easily recycled. Hence, you won’t leave room for doubt for the customers to purchase your cardboard cigarette boxes.

Enhanced Branding with Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

One reason is very attractive to clients. Here’s why they choose these types of boxes more!

  • Cardboard cigarette boxes lead to enhanced branding.
  • They impact your brand image.
  • This will lead to sales for your brand
  • Increased brand value and worth
  • Furthermore, you will have a better position of your brand in the industry

Get access to our customization features

Team iCustomBoxes offers multiple features for this purpose. Having an outlook of your choice is a plus point for manufacturers.

At iCustomBoxes, you get access to multiple customizations and design options. You can get prints of your own on your blank cigarette boxes. Many clients choose to personalize their logo on their boxes. However, most have preferred to add small details to their boxes such as outlining the lid, etc.

One of the most demanded features by our clients is the die-cut window. It makes your cardboard cigarette boxes appealing as well. Furthermore, it will help you deal with the concerns of customers. Die-cut allows them to see through the boxes. You gain the customers’ trust as well!

Safe Shipping

Team iCustomBoxes understand its duty and make sure to fulfill it. One duty we have taken is the safe shipping of your personalized boxes to your doorstep. We ensure that your cardboard cigarette boxes arrive at you safely without you having to deal with the hassle of shipment procedures.

For years, we have been dealing with our customers’ concerns. Hence, your cardboard cigarette boxes will reach you within time. We save you from trouble. Moreover, our shipping services are completely free. Thus, you won’t have to pay to enjoy safe shipping!

Pro tip: We offer wholesale purchases as well. They are pocket friendly. Thus, you won’t have to worry about your budget as well. Also, you will have a large number of your boxes. Many companies want bulk purchases but worry about the budget. Since our offer is economical, you can grab a bulk now!

Customer Support

In order to deal with your queries, we have professional customer support. They will deal with all your concerns right at hand. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about odd hours before reaching out to us. Our customer support is available for you 24/7. You can reach out anytime!


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