8 Most Valuable Tips to Help You Shift Your House from Mumbai to Bangalore


While shifting your house from Mumbai to Bangalore, you may feel that you are not moving a huge distance and it might be a simple process. But honestly, there are some unavoidable factors that you have to keep in your mind. Here are the 8 most valuable tips to help you shift your house from Mumbai to Bangalore.

Check the following pointers:

1. Strategise your move

When you are moving from Mumbai to Bangalore, the first thing that you should do is make a plan. Your plan should be realistic and detailed. So, first, fix the moving day and the moving budget. Then fix the mode of your shifting. As I said, you have to be realistic as you plan your move. So, make sure that you are making a practical choice of date for your moving day. Your moving day should be at least 45 to 60 days later than the current date. You need this time to prepare for your move.

Again, make a practical choice as you plan your budget. You cannot exceed your capacity to spend on the move so make sure that your moving budget doesn’t exceed your monthly expenses.

While choosing the mode of your house shifting service, you should be practical again. You are not experienced in carrying out a house shifting on your own and so it is not a feasible idea. Get professional help from a reputed moving company to shift swiftly and hassle-free.

2. Start with the preparations

Right after you decide on the basic strategies for the move from Mumbai to Bangalore, you should start with the preparations without any delay. For the preparations to be organised, you need to make a checklist. Make a moving checklist by scheduling all the necessary tasks within the number of days you have left before the moving day. If you pay heed to the checklist and adhere to it, you will not have any last-minute rush. And you won’t forget to do any task that is necessary before the move.

3. Book your moving company

I already told you that hiring the packers and movers is the best option as you make a long-distance move between two cities. Therefore, you need to book your moving company for the same. If you are planning to move during the summer season, you need to be a bit prompt. Not just prompt, you need to be a bit lucky as well. Summer is the peak season in the moving industry and most of the customers will move during this time.

Due to this reason, all the moving companies are flooded with bookings and you may not be able to get a slot. Hence, if you want to book during the summer, you have to book them 2 months in advance. If you want to move in the winter, you will find ample slots in the moving companies. Make sure the company is genuine by visiting their office and verifying their credentials.

4. Clear the unnecessary things

Since you are moving intercity from Mumbai to Bangalore, you have to be sure that you can carry a manageable size for your move. If the size of your move is huge, you should be ready to pay a soaring high price for the move. But you can control the moving charges by picking out the things that you won’t need in the future. You can sell, donate, or discard unnecessary things from your house. Make your move lightweight and manageable. Again, having fewer items in your possession will help you to make space for new furniture in your new house in Bangalore.

5. Safeguard the valuable items

Your valuables are extremely personal items and hence you cannot risk them in the hands of the packers and movers. Some of the things are not only expensive but there is also a sentimental value attached to them like the heirloom jewellery. Then there are the pricey wristwatches, the high-end electronic gadgets, the confidential documents, etc. which are valuable to you. Keep them safe inside a bag and carry them with you as you move from Mumbai to Bangalore with your family.

6. Pack an overnight box

While shifting your house, be it somewhere locally or to some other city, you should pack an overnight box. An overnight box contains all the things that you will need right after you will shift into your new house. So, think of all those basic things that you will need as soon as you move to Bangalore like your toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, towels, some toiletries, medications, fresh clothes, fresh undergarments, bed sheets, and some disposable cutleries. Pack these things in a packing box or a big luggage bag and move them with you. Don’t mix it up with the other packing boxes in the moving truck.

7. Get insured

It is very essential to get insured when you move from one city to another. The reason is that your belongings get transported a long distance by road. Anything may go wrong during the move and your belongings may get lost or damaged. If you are concerned about the safety of your belongings, get moving insurance and be stress-free. Your moving company takes the liability of your goods on the move and repairs, replaces, or repays you the amount due to the damage caused.

8. Deal with the utilities

While moving from one house to another located in the vicinity, you have to transfer the utilities. But while moving from one city to another located far away from each other, you cannot transfer the utilities. You have to discontinue the services in your current house which in this case is Mumbai. You have to contact new utility providers in Bangalore and ask them to get you new utilities like gas connection, water connection, electricity connection, trash collection, etc.

The Denouement

While shifting your house from Mumbai to Bangalore, you will not be facing much of a hassle as the distance between the two cities is 244 kilometres. You can always go back to visit your neighbours and friends if you want to. But talking about the intricacies of house shifting, I hope you are sorted after reading this article on the 8 most valuable tips to help you shift your house from Mumbai to Bangalore. Wish you a great move!

Author Bio:- Vishal


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