7 Best mobile app development frameworks in 2022


Software frameworks called mobile application development frameworks are the foundation on which mobile applications are built. In this era of smartphones, when any app needs to be built into a mobile device first, many mobile application development frameworks are available from mobile and web mobile app development companies. These frameworks allow engineers to build mobile applications within a limited time and budget.

Top 7 Mobile App Development Frameworks 

1.   React Native

React Native, developed by Facebook, is undoubtedly one of the most reliable frameworks for mobile app development. Being a multi-platform framework makes it dynamic, flexible, and fast as you can use a single code to improve both Android and iOS apps.

It uses JavaScript as its primary programming language, making application development tools very popular among developers. It combines the best of native development and React to build truly native apps, without compromising user experience.

Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb are some of the most popular apps created by React Native.

2.   Flutter

Flutter, introduced by Google, is a new addition to the app development framework. With features such as rapid upgrades, powerful widget support, and native functionality, it has become common among developers in a short period of time.

Flutter is also a cross platform platform and can be used to build native mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase. Based on Dart, an object-oriented programming language. If you want to develop a good, budget-friendly, and highly efficient mobile app, hire a flutter app development company- because Flutter is the future.

Google Ads, Reflectly, Alibaba are some of the most popular apps built with Flutter.

3.   Xamarin

Xamarin is a Microsoft platform, advanced for mobile application development. It is a separate platform tool so it can be used to upgrade native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using a single .NET codebase. It is supported by the programming language C #, which makes it very useful for Xamarin developers.

Xamarin provides a development ecosystem with all the essential tools needed to build a fast-paced mobile application with good UI interaction. It has great community support, with more than 1.4 billion engineers, and provides excellent documentation.

Microsoft News, Azure mobile apps are some of the most popular apps built with Xamarin.

4.   Ionic

Ionic is a widely used open source framework composed of Angular and Apache Cordova. This is a platform upgrade and can be used to build applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. It has a few features that come out of the box, which set it apart from other developmental areas.

Ionic is based on HTML5 programming language and uses a small DOM to improve performance and efficiency. An important feature of the ionic framework is its templates. Provides a set of UI default items such as forms, action sheets, tab bar, navigation menu, which helps developers focus on improving applications rather than UI features. It is independent and easy to take.

MarketWatch, Amtrak are some of the most popular Ionic-built apps.

5.   Corona

Corona is a development framework that is well used in building games and applications. Also known as a 2D game engine. Engineers can use this various platform framework to build the project and publish it on Android, iOS, Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, etc.

It is a Lua-based platform, which is a powerful and lightweight platform for game writing. Therefore offers developer speed, flexibility, and ease of use. It is widely used to create 2D games with OpenGL animations.

Angry Birds, Warcraft are some of the most popular games created by Corona.

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6.   PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a development platform developed by Apache Cordova and later acquired by Adobe. It is a reliable, multi-platform framework and can be used to improve applications in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

A functional feature of PhoneGap is that developers can use it to build apps without having to deal with any hardware restrictions. It also supports built-in hardware features like Camera, GPS, Accelerometer, etc.

Wikipedia, Tripcase are some of the most popular apps built with PhoneGap.

7.   Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular is a mobile UI framework that uses the Angular framework integrated with Bootstrap to build mobile applications. It is based on Javascript and is lightweight.

Provides a few UI features such as switches, overlay, and scripts to help developers create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for mobile applications. An important feature of angular mobile is that it allows developers to build a mobile app from a desktop / web application that is already built and vice versa.

Gunks, iKeybox are two popular apps built with Mobile Angular.

Mobile app development is happening every day. The availability of these powerful software development frameworks makes it easy for mobile app development agency to create efficient and advanced mobile applications that meet the needs of today’s smartphone users.


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