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What is the history behind the brass knuckle knife


Have you ever heard about the Brass knuckle knife? If not, you will be glad to know that it is turning out to be the new cool. During these days, increasing crime rates have been particularly growing, and one needs to keep themselves vigilant and well-equipped at all times. 

One such weapon that suits the purpose of self-defence is the Brass knuckle knife. This knife carries two features in them, and you can use these knuckles for enemies and use them to protect yourself or attack your enemies with them. The dual feature of these knives makes them prominent over the other self-defense weapons. 

Let’s get in and know a little about the knives and their best uses of it:

1: Self-defense

One can use a knuckle knife for self-defence purposes and can be used by the militaries worldwide. The weapon can be used to attack with the knife, and one can defend themselves or use the knuckled to knock out their enemies. 

Also, the knives can be carried anywhere with ease, which is why they are believed to be great for self-defence. You can also keep them at your home for your safety. 

1: Can be best used in Movie Props

Movies stand out with props, but these props could be very costly. But the good part about these knives is they are economical and can give you a realistic feel. Due to this reason, one should consider buying these types of knives, and you can use these knives with a realistic feel. 

2: Collection Purpose

Like how the weapon contains a spectacular history, it tends to be a great item to add to your weapons collection. The weapon’s historic appeal will help attract many people to it, especially if you have them on display in your living room. 

3: Outdoor Use

Another great use of the weapon is that it can be used for outdoor purposes, and along with keeping you protected, the weapon is good at cutting quick grass, wires, and wood. However, if you are out camping, you can use these knives for cutting ropes as well. 

4: Street Fighting

Brass knuckles are often associated with street fighting, which means they can gain the upper hand in a street fight. When we talk about street fighting, we don’t consider weapons such as guns and knives. Instead, we are talking about kicks, punches, and slaps. 

Those who engage in a street fight very often consider using knuckle knives to win the fight. We all have annoying neighbours whom we love to punch as hard as possible. 

Thus, you can expect severe damage with a metal-made weapon when considering a knuckle knife. You can win a street fight easily by simply knocking your opponent down with a couple of punches. So, it serves as a handy weapon in a street fight by improving your punching strength and inflicting severe injuries. 

5: Fashion Accessories

One of the most common ways to use real brass knuckles is a fashion accessory. Besides, it has been long adopted as an item for simply expressing some fashion sense. However, there are plenty of different designs that can help in improving your style along with stylish accessories. 

Thus, it provides a luxurious appeal to the wearers, and they would look appropriate and appealing with almost every outfit. For some fashion gangsters and hustlers, it’s a must-have accessory. 

6: Auto-Ornaments

Although it might seem odd to someone, knuckle knives are quite common as vehicle ornaments, especially for some bikers keen to put them on riding their bikes. Also, the motorcyclists can add them to their handles in order to make custom handle grips. Similarly, car owners can also use it for their cars. 

However, there are various styles and colors to choose from, and you can select the one that matches your scheme. It can be used as hood ornaments and hung from the mirror. 

Also, one cannot mount them on the steering wheel and can use them as door handles. Therefore, if you are creative enough, hundreds of ways are used as auto-ornaments. 

7: Breaking Glass

You need to remember that brass knuckles work efficiently as a survival weapon and not just against attackers. It can be used in harsh conditions, and many users put them on to survive in emergency scenarios. For example, you often find yourself in a situation where you need to break the glass to escape.

With the help of these knives, one can easily break the glass if one knows the capability of metal as a material. For instance, if your building catches fire, you can easily punch the window’s glass and break it into pieces and make way for you to escape quickly. 

8: Opening bottles and packages

One needs to consider the packages. First, you can punch the package to open it using brass knuckle knives. Secondly, you can open bottles with them, and the modern designs of brass knuckle knives also incorporate an opener. 


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