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How to Build a Shopify App: A Complete Guide


Before we begin to understand how to build a Shopify app, let us first understand what a Shopify app is and why is Shopify used.

Defining Shopify: Understanding it the easy way, Shopify is an eCommerce solution, a platform that lets you create your online store. More simply, bloggers use WordPress to make a quick blogging website, whereas retail businesses use Shopify to open their eCommerce store. Shopify App provides you with tools and features that enable you to run a smooth eCommerce store. You can showcase your products, sell them, accept payments, interact with your customers, do sales analysis, take feedback and more.

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Shopify goes well with both – startups and large retail businesses

Shopify App

Shopify Lite and Shopify Plus

Free Themes for design, free fonts, and free in-stock photographs are available for use by beginners who want to open an eCommerce store and play around. Shopify gives you Shopify Plus for large businesses that can handle large volume orders, priority customer support, high-end features, and more that will need certified and expert Shopify developer skills to utilize these features to benefit. Or you may also hire a reputed eCommerce website development company that can help you set up a Shopify store perfectly. 

Shopify lets you use its features with your existing website from a buy button with Shopify Lite.   

Step by Step Shopify Development Tutorial

There are three broad areas in building a Shopify app – Admin panel, Online Store and Checkout. 

  1. The Admin Panel: To begin with, users log into the Shopify website and start exploring  Shopify development services. The first step is to set up the Shopify store and then configure the necessary settings and manage their business through this admin section. This Shopify admin panel will include the aspects of the merchant’s Shopify business – orders, product listings, customers and they can also add/install apps in this section.
  2. Online-Store: This online store creates web pages, publishes informative blogs, and sells business products. For a merchant, this is your primary home – online store. The Shopify app development company lets the merchant have integrations at all the places where their customers are present and want to sell their products.
  3. The Checkout: Shopify gives ample opportunities to let your customers check out safely as they enter their shipping and payment details on the Shopify app. Shopify additional features also provide easy integration of showing offers and cross-selling that customers see at checkout. 

Creating A Shopify Development Store

A Shopify development store is a free account that lets you build a store with limited functionalities. You can create multiple development stores when you create a login on the partners’ page.

  • Login to the partner’s dashboard page on the Shopify site
  • When you click on stores, you see an option of Add Store; click on it.
  • Define your store type, select Development store
  • Provide Login information. Enter a name for your store and a password so that you can use these details for Shopify Development Store Login next time.
  • The username will be the same as your email, but you can change it. 
  • Add your store address in the store address section.
  • Select the appropriate option in the store purpose section. For example, if you build a store for your client, add a new store in the store purpose section.
  • Click the Save button to save the details.

Are You A Shopify App Development Company Services Seeker?

Shopify store development seems easy, and hence many people think they can do it on their own. The tricky part is that your website, like your business, needs to grow, and then you will require to have hundreds of pages and thousands of products listed on your eCommerce site. If an expert Shopify developer does not manage your site, it will fail to deal with heavy traffic of users and content load.

Being well versed with the different features and apps of Shopify, the Shopify developer skills are essential to let you run your Shopify site smoothly.   

Having developed over hundreds of successful stunning Shopify websites, the development team is well equipped and skilled to offer you smooth shopping sites in a quick turnaround time. 

Shopify is vast, offering tons of apps and features to start your online retail store. It is crucial to choose your Shopify website development company wisely. A Shopify development company will understand your business needs, what your consumers want, your competition, and the market. If you are a startup or a small size business you can also look for the other 5 best eCommerce platforms for small businesses in 2022.


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