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If you are looking for the top ways to convert your NSF files to PST format then you have entered the correct platform. In this platform, we will learn about the techniques a user can follow to convert their NSF files to PST format. But let us first know about the reasons for which a user needs to convert their NSF files to PST format.

Reasons of conversion

A user needs to convert their NSF files to PST format because of the following reasons;

  1. Outlook is more economical
  2. Outlook is easy to use by any user
  3. Users can use multiple accounts at a single time using the Outlook
  4. MS Outlook provides great features to the users

These are the reasons for a user to convert their NSF files to PST format.

The manual method of conversion

Users can follow the manual method to convert the NSF files by following the three sections.

Section 1: Extract NSF Files to CSV

Follow the instructions below to export NSF files from Lotus Notes.

  • Launch the IBM Lotus Notes app.
  • Select file> Open> Louts notes application in the file menu.
  • Browse the required NSF file in the Open Application box and click Open.
  • The NSF file you specified is opening.
  • See the required NSF file.
  • Select Uninstall in the file menu.
  • Enter the file name, file location, and type of storage in the Export dialog box.
  • For a file, select the Comma Separated Values ​​format.
  • Select a comma-separated value.
  • Choose the right option, from the occurred dialog box
  • From the paragraphs Export, Export Set Characters, and Details to Include, select How much to convert.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Select the required option.

The exported data is saved as a CSV file in a specified location.

Section 2: Import CSV File to Outlook

Following these steps will allow you to import a CSV file into Microsoft Outlook:

  • Starting Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click Import / Exit from the File menu, then Open & Export.
  • A dialog window appears with the Import and Export Wizard.
  • In the list of other options, select Import to another application or file.
  • The following should be clicked.
  • Click Next after selecting Comma Separated Values ​​as the file format.
  • Select the pre-prepared CSV file path with the Lotus Notes Export command by clicking Browse and selecting the method.
  • You can choose from a variety of styles depending on your specific needs.
  • Click Next after selecting the Outlook folder where you want your sent data to be stored.
  • Select the appropriate checkboxes in the dialog box Import the file before clicking Finish.
  • You can easily change your destination or custom map fields by selecting options with the same name.
  • MS Outlook will import data from a CSV file.

These are the manual procedure a user has to go through for the exporting of the emails from the Lotus Notes NSF files in the Outlook PST format.

Conversion using NSF to PST Converter tool

Easy conversion of the NSF files to PST format can be done by the users by downloading the NSF to PST Converter tool. The tool is designed by professionals and helps every single user to convert their NSF files to PST format. Using the tool, a user does not face any kind of trouble while carrying out the conversion task. The tool also provides many features for carrying the conversion of the NSF files easily to PST format. The steps to convert the NSF files are provided below;

  • Install and launch the NSF to PST Converter application in your system
  • Now, add the NSF files you need to convert
  • Get a preview of the additional NSF files
  • Browse how to save the converted NSF files
  • Finally hit the “convert now” button.


In this blog, we have learned about the conversion NSF files to PST format. Two techniques are discussed above that a user can follow for the conversion of their NSF files. A user can follow any of the two methods for the conversion of the NSF files.


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