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I tip extensions are a kind of hair extensions that utilize bent microfibers or a metallic cylindrical part to join natural hair. They are not identical to other types of links. I tip extensions are distinct and made of separate sections of hair that are joined by a cylinder component. They typically connect to the user’s own natural hair. Professional I tip human hair extensions are light and easy to apply. Our I Tip extensions use regenerated hair strands which are more resilient to moisture, break less and last for longer. It is a long-lasting extension option. We show how our I tip extensions are able to help you achieve this. May help you get an entirely new look for your hair, one that is more volatized and beautiful. We have the best hair extensions available and have unique solutions to meet your hair’s requirements. I Tip extensions are ideal for anyone who is looking to boost the volume and length of their hair.

It’s even more crucial to determine which methods of extension work best for the hair’s texture and hairstyle. I tip extensions method is good to quickly add volume and length to your hair.

Benefits of I Tip extensions

Let’s look at the many advantages of I tip extensions. You would be astounded to discover the many advantages and advantages of purchasing them.

  • I Tip Hair Extensions Hair extensions that make shorter hair look great

Many women are looking larger and more attractive for various reasons. I tip extensions were created so that women can improve their appearance in addition. Do your locks appear dull and uninteresting? You must have at minimum one I tip extension in your closet since these weaves may completely modify a person’s appearance.

Additionally, you can enjoy total control over the length of your hair without needing to spend many months or years on various products for hair care. They also give a gloss and softness that will surpass your expectations.

  • Stick Tip Attachment may be completed in-house

If you’re equipped with the proper tools and the necessary equipment you can put in, I tip extensions yourself. In general, one of the most important advantages for women wanting to cut costs on the installation alone.

  • I tips are a great option for strands with thinner thickness.

One of the drawbacks and benefits of I tip extensions is the tension other weaves apply to your hair. Since I tip hair extensions are light, they don’t impose any putting stress on your hair. I tip hair extensions are very lightweight. I tip extensions are great for those with thin or weak hair.

  • They’re an excellent substitute for hot fusion

Because they’re cold-fusion, I ‘tips extensions are the perfect alternative to hot fusion. If installing hot fusion takes three to four hours, installing I tips requires between 1 and 1.5 hours. They won’t melt if you don’t employ any heat instruments.

  • Natural Strands are not harmful

Another important aspect of I tip extensions is their impact on your natural hair strands. Most people avoid weaving as they can damage their hair. It is possible to use I tip extensions even if you’ve never tried them before. They will not harm your natural hair. You should correctly place the extensions, without the use of any chemicals or possibly hot tools.

There will be no harm to the real hair if extensions are properly cared for. The extensions can be used without heating tools and will not cause any damage to the hair the hair.

The disadvantages of I tip extensions

There isn’t a benefit without a drawback. There are a few disadvantages when I suggest extensions.

  • It’s possible the installation might be difficult

One of the major reasons hair installations can be difficult is because you do not know how to do it. Like we said earlier it is essential to have a basic understanding of the tools needed. You can learn how to set up I tip extensions at home through watching YouTube. Additionally, you’ll need specific equipment, which you could acquire at any store or salon in the area.

  • It requires particular care

It also requires extra attention to ensure its longevity. When washing or brushing I tip extensions, for instance it is important to be prudent. This is because washing too close to the beads might cause the extension to move and the I tip strand to break. Be gentle when washing your beads, and avoid tugging at them.

  • Brush and Wash Is a Difficult Process

When people make use of, I tip extensions of hair, the process of combing and cleaning them could seem to be a bit difficult. Maintain I Tip extensions with care and take your time. It’s best not to brush I tip hair extensions too close to pearls. Begin by brushing them at the ends and work your way up. It is important to gently push the extensions. Don’t pull on the extensions or scratch them.

  • You’ll Need Installation Tools

While purchasing specific hair tools doesn’t seem to be a disadvantage however, there are some who would rather not which is why it’s worth discussing. Without the use of beads or pliers I tip extensions aren’t possible to use.

You can purchase these instruments in a shop or in a salon, and they’re a great value. You must be able to utilize these tools correctly before you apply hair extensions.


What makes them So Good?

I tips extensions are a fantastic option because they provide you with quick accessibility to your scalp. Your hair’s natural texture will be completely covered by the extensions. That means you’ll be in the hairdresser’s chair for a short time. It takes approximately one and a quarter hour to put in the I tip. Hair can continue to flow freely, even with no braids. The I tip extensions allow for more flexibility and can be folded into a wrap that is low maintenance. You have the option of styling them the same way you would your own hair. They must be washed and dried using the aid of a hair dryer.

How many years have you had to wait before I tip extensions in?

The installation should last about 6-8 weeks, with regular maintenance and cleaning, The hair would last around a year. One package of hair could be used in a variety of settings. When each wash is finished the protein that connects the I tip extensions will begin to break down.

How often should I wash my extensions?

I tip extensions don’t get oils from your scalp like other extensions of hair. This means that they don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as other extensions. I tip extensions need to be washed after 15-20 use or whenever you notice the build-up of product. I tip extensions last longer if you wash them less frequently.

Wash your I tip extensions using shampoo, moisturizer and a hydrating mask. Do not use circular movements when washing your hair extensions.

Can I make my I Tip extensions wet?

Hair extensions made from 100% high-quality hair. This means they are able to be wet washed like hair. If you intend on going for a swim, you should keep in mind that chlorine and saltwater similar to our own hair, can harm and dry up your hair. Chlorine may discolor hair particularly blonder tones with lighter shades therefore, avoid getting your hair wet in swimming pools or in the ocean if it is possible. Do not wash your hair with shampoo that contains sulfate or conditioner, if you have.

Do I have to use oily products on my extensions?

We don’t recommend the I tip extensions buyers use oily products. In certain situations, oil can interfere with the connection between your extensions, so avoid using oily products.

Can I apply hairspray for my extensions?

Avoid alcohol-based hair sprays and other products for styling. Alcohol can make your hair extremely dry. Avoid using hair items like foams, gels, and hair gels in the event that they are necessary as they can dry out users’ hair and cause it to get caught in a knot. Styling products can also cause hair to become clogged. To get rid of residue and buildup it is recommended to apply a complication shampoo two times every month.

Do you think its okay for me to sleep in my hair that is wet?

Before bedtime, ensure that you tip your extensions are dry prior to applying them. If your hair gets wet before going to bed hair, tangles can develop. For the evening dry your hair, and then braid it in a loose, long style.

Can I reuse I tip extensions?

The praise we receive is for our quality. Keep them in good order so that you can be able to have them repaired and make them a good investment.

Great advice! If you intend to reuse your I tip extensions, let your extensions professional know before they’re installed. Your professional will verify that the tips on the bond are properly fitted to allow for reuse.

For a single head installation, how many hair extensions do I need?

Each box has 20 strands that weigh 1 gram. If the hair of your client is thin and fine, with layers of hair and is around shoulder length 5 to 6 packs may be sufficient.

If a client has a shorter haircut with a medium-to-high density they’ll require about 10-12 packs of hair. At least five packages or 100 strands hair extensions for most clients. The length and density of the hair of the customer will determine the amount of I tip extensions needed. This is why making the client attend for consultation prior to installing is essential.

Which brush should I choose for my extensions?

We suggest using broad teeth to keep your extensions looking beautiful. Make use of combed tools and other special tools, as well as looped brush created just for I tip extensions. A common brush will not give the same results and brushes that aren’t of the highest quality could damage your extensions. Begin with a gentle brushing and gradually work up.

Do I need to brush my hair regularly?

It is advised that you will do this at least three times per day. This will aid in the dispersal of natural oils and tangle reduction. Begin at the tips then work your way upwards. The roots should be kept on one area and the tips on the other. It is possible to use a wide tooth combing tool, or a specially designed looped brush specifically for I tip extensions.


I tip extensions give length, volume and thickness to hair, much like any other extensions. It is more difficult to maintain and install than other kinds of. We hope this helps you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of I tip extensions. They provide more benefits than other types. An I tip hair extension is a great choice for those with short or thin hair. If you’re bored of your hair and want to add an extension, it’s more effective than waiting months for it to grow back. If you want to alter your hair every often, temporary hair extensions are fine while permanent hair extensions work best when you intend to use them for an extended duration of time.

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