Follow These Useful Tips To Buy A New Set Of Tyres


You should change your bald and old tyres instantly. Actually, driving on bald and damaged tyres is highly risky in terms of handling and stability. car tyres are your vehicle’s best companions to provide a better driving experience but the same set of tyres will be dangerous for you after some years because of reduced tread depth and weak internal structure.

Thus, you have to buy new tyres as soon as possible.

If you want new tyres because of your old set of tyres, you can follow the guidelines given in this tyre buying guide. The same blog will provide a valuable tyre size guide to you as well.

Let’s start!

We would like to start this blog with an essential aspect of tyre buying process. When you make a plan to buy new tyres, you have to check the code printed on the sidewall of your preferred car tyres near me.

Tyre code on the sidewall

This code is going to provide essential information about the following elements:

Tyre type:

The first letter of the code will show the type of tyres.

The letter ‘P’ stands for passenger tyres.

The letters ‘LT’ shows tyres for light trucks.

Letters ‘ST’ stands for the special trailer.  

The letter ‘T’ stands for temporary or spare tyres.

Tread width:

This is a three-digit number that shows the distance between sidewall edges.

Aspect ratio:

The aspect ratio of the tyre shows the relation of the section height to the section width.

Besides this information, you will see information about the construction type as well. The letter ‘R’ indicates that the tyre is radial. The letter ‘B’ stands for Bias-belt type.

Besides this information, the same code shows information about the rim diameter, load rating and speed rating.

Now, when you are familiar with the tyre code, you have to look at the tyre type before you make a final decision.

This is a crucial step in the tyre buying process since the wrong type will ruin your driving experience and it will impact tyre safety as well.

So, let us have a look at some common tyre types.

All-season tyres:

This is the most popular type of seasonal tyre. Other tyre types are winter and summer tyres these are used in cold and hot weather respectively. Car drivers use all-season tyres year-round. These tyres come with a thicker tread construction to prove their durability.

Moreover, these tyres perform effectively in moderate conditions but you cannot use them in severe winter or summer conditions.

Performance tyres:

High-performance tyres provide ultra-effective performance in terms of grip and traction. You can see these tyres in racing cars because of their peak level of performance. You can expect a thrilling driving experience with these tyres especially when you drive your car at high speeds.

If you are looking for standard passenger tyres to just reach your home or office, you can buy normal passenger tyres to satisfy your driving conditions.

All-terrain tyres:

These tyres will work effectively on both paved roads and unconstructed road surfaces. You can see these tyres in heavy-duty vehicles that run in both off-road and on-road conditions.

Winter tyres:

Tyre manufacturers make these tyres exclusively for cold weather. Winter tyres are effective to provide proper grip and traction on snowy or icy roads. Moreover, the same set of tyres is effective on dry cold roads as well.

The rubber material of these tyres is quite flexible in freezing temperatures but you will observe a faster rate of tread wear as well.

Look at the fuel economy

When you buy your new tyres, you need to look at different features and fuel economy is one of them. Different tyres provide varied levels of fuel economy levels.

If you are looking for more fuel-efficient tyres, make sure you buy your tyres with a low level of rolling resistance. Moreover, Original equipment tyres also provide a better fuel efficiency level.


Your tyres makers may provide two types of warranty: defect protection and tread warranty. Leading manufacturers of tyres provide usually both types of warranty.

If you look for a replacement, most manufacturers will check your tyre completely to check the maintenance level of tyres.

Check the road noise level of tyres

When you are going to buy a new set of tyres, make sure you choose a tyre with less noise level. Quieter tyres are related to driving comfort and many drivers consider it a vital element while they buy new tyres.


There are many factors that you should consider before buying new tyres. The easiest way to determine suitable tyres for your vehicle is by looking at the features of your original tyres.  Your car maker has chosen the best type of tyres for you. Thus, you have to just follow the pattern to choose your ideal tyres.

If you are confused because of the many designs and models in the market, you can browse websites to choose your ideal car tyres near me. Browsing websites will give you better chances to make a precise decision.  


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