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The nursery-kindergarten was crossed for a child aged 3-5 to organize a game, an educational game and prepare for kindergarten. According to the Early Year Experience website, roleplay ideas for children’s games are a key pre-school

Kindergarten was designed for children aged 3-5 to organize games, educational games and prepare kindergartens. According to the Early Years Experience website, roleplay ideas for children’s games are a key part of a pre-school or day care program because they improve social development. Acting not only teaches children valuable social skills, but also expresses creativity and imagination.

How are you

This helps preschoolers better understand different emotions through a role-play that explores situations that can cause a certain sensation. Write down 15 to 20 short scenarios related to kindergarten students. For example, “I feel bad,” “That boy picked up my toy,” and “My grandmother is visiting.” Cut the stages into strips and then place in the basket. Let one child draw a scene at a time. Read the script and then let the child associate the emotions with it. For example, a “sick” child may frown, grab a stomach and be forced to hang his head. Continue until all scripts have been read.

Social booklet

Teach children to interact with others, provide opportunities to play games and practice social scenarios. As writes, these are likely forms of behavior in certain encounters. Participating in this type of game provides children with a model of communication and appropriate behavior and a safe place to try it out. For example, after an argument about a store, create a scene where one child is the cashier and the other is the shopper. Organize the order of events (buy groceries, bring food to the checkout, the cashier counts it, pay for the food and leave) as well as your language (“please”, “thank you”, “lo and behold, you go”). “No, thank you”, “Good days”). Other social role-playing games could be giving and receiving a gift, two children who want the same toy,

Restaurant without libretto

Give children impromptu role-playing time when creating a restaurant. Let them prepare by drawing a picture of your favorite food. If there is plastic toy food in the classroom, it can be used by children as well. Use a set of plates and cups and give them the opportunity to wear aprons, hats, and other items of clothing. Place tables and chairs, distribute chef, waiter and banquet functions to children. Let them “order” their favorite food with a few extras. The chef has to choose the right foods and the waiter brings them to the table. Soon, children will create new aspects of the activity, such as customer orders and returned food delivery. Change roles after a few orders.


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