10 cool animals that teach us to love and to be faithful


 but, in fact, there are cool animals that are loving and faithful to one wife for life and do not go beyond their own whims and maintain their marriage to the end.

Here is a list of ten cool animals that mate for life:

Penguins:  These birds have big hearts despite living in the bitter cold of Antarctica. The couple stays with each other for many years and both males and females incubate the eggs and feed their children later.

Pelicans: Pelicans  remain loyal throughout their lives, and their family life has many great qualities, including friendship, concern, and care for each other.

Eagles:  Americans may have chosen the eagle as their nation’s emblem because of its loyal nature.

Gibbons: These animals not only represent a strong bond but also have equal rights in their relationships.

Albatross: The albatross  apparently knows the secret to keeping love strong – despite the male’s long-term “business trips” and the female’s goofy, subtle dance rituals.

Wolves: Male wolves are very caring and gentle with their mates, death is the only thing that can separate them.

Beavers: Beavers organize families headed by females, so the secret of a long and happy relationship lies in the infinite wisdom of the female.

Lunar pigeons: Pairs of lunar doves appear regularly in art and literature and there is a reason why they have become a symbol of love and devotion. In fact, Shakespeare’s famous poem “Phoenix and the lunar pigeon” was inspired by these birds.

Foxes:  In the event of the death of a female fox, the male does not look for another partner and remains without a partner for the rest of his life.

Owls: The  male owls pet the female owls for about a year, after which he builds a nest and invites the female to share it in the house.


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