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Almost every one of us has a washing machine in the house that bravely deals with every stain that gets our clothes dirty, but there are some items we wouldn’t want to put in it, which we should take for dry cleaning. However, did you know that not every item you bring for dry cleaning goes through a professional and unique stain cleaning process? 

It may surprise you to find out the best laundry service in Bangalore, but sometimes you wash your clothes in a regular washing machine, just like you have at home, and charge an excessive price in vain. Luckily, dry-cleaning people shared some tips on the subject in the network and revealed some secrets that no one knew until today, and now it is time for you to learn what is worthwhile and what should not be taken for dry cleaning.  

Items to take for dry cleaning apart from clothes designed for dry cleanings only include suits, silk fabrics, and cashmere knitwear. You are advised to take other clothes to the laundry for dry cleaning when they get dirty or when they need to be renewed. 

1. Buttoned men’s shirts 

These shirts are washed in clusters in dry cleaning laundromats but are ironed in the machine for 20 seconds separately. They don’t charge a high price, and the laundromats don’t make much money on them. So, it’s very lucrative for customers to clean them with them. 

 2. Wool coats 

Those who own such a coat know how much they tend to store lint, and this item of clothing can only be cleaned with dry cleaning. The laundromat will clean the coat and make sure to scratch and shave it to remove the lint from it and make it look new.

3. Clothes with oil stains dry cleaning is done on an oil basis 

It helps absorb all types of oils that have soiled your clothes, including oils that came from food, sweat, working with vehicles, etc. If the oil-stained one of your clothes, it’s worth taking for dry cleaning – including yellow spots in the armpit or neck area. 

4. Sports shirts with the logo of a sports team 

It cannot be washed at home and cannot be washed dryly because the logo will melt, but they look their best if they are ironed in a dry-cleaning laundromat. Therefore, it is best to put the shirt on and take it for laundry online in Bangalore, where it is done professionally.

 6. Wedding dresses 

A wedding dress is one of the most expensive items for dry cleaning, but it is transferred in precisely the same process that is transferred by regular trousers. Suppose you are offered to take it for laundry online in Bangalore and get the dress in a special box for preservation. Therefore, if you are interested in a box for preserving the dress – you prefer to purchase it after the dry cleaning.

6. Leather goods 

Leather clothing is also one of the most expensive items for cleaning since most dry-cleaning companies do not clean their skin but transfer it to a third professional body in the cleaning and renewing of leather products. You’re paying for brokerage fees that you can avoid if you go to the best laundry service in Bangalore.


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