Justify why OTT platforms must use forensic watermarks to secure their material


Nowadays, content piracy is a pervasive threat that is wreaking havoc on pay-TV and over-the-top (OTT) platforms globally. According to research, the future of digital television looks bleak: By 2022, the media industry might lose an astounding USD 51.6 billion to online TV and movie piracy, jeopardising the profitability of several OTTs.

With this future threat in mind, several Hollywood studios employ forensic watermarking to safeguard both the revenue stream and premium content against sophisticated piracy operations. This technology has been demonstrated to be one of the most effective tools for detecting and resolving coordinated piracy networks.

In a secure cloud environment, forensic video watermarking creates a strong security layer around the entire content delivery system. Numerous content owners and distributors have previously implemented a multi-DRM layer to secure their premium content across numerous devices and operating systems. Pirates devise novel, technologically advanced techniques of undermining OTTs’ business models. Due to the fact that multi-DRM protection falls short on numerous levels, extra security measures such as forensic watermarking become a need. Forensic watermarking enhances the security of DRM protected content and makes it more difficult for pirates to disseminate premium content via jailbroken devices, screen snatching, or analog-to-digital conversions.

Additionally, content owners should be familiar with appropriate post-leak scenario management: Businesses lose millions of dollars every minute following a content leak, as pirated content is frequently of the same quality as that broadcast directly by the source. In these instances, forensic watermarking proves beneficial in two ways. Watermarking enables content owners to quickly identify and quantify the extent of a leak from the moment it occurs. Additionally, the system identifies the source of the leak and directs the content owner to take quick action to remove the content, including taking proper legal action against the malicious actors.

In essence, forensic watermarking is a robust content security framework that ensures an end-to-end secure content delivery system, from content encoding through piracy detection.
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This is a win-win situation for content creators, as it gives them greater control over how their work is consumed, maintains consumer loyalty, and ensures the content platform’s exclusivity remains protected.

Blind watermarking systems just require the secret key, which is utilised to generate a random sequence during the embedding process. Watermark sequences are blindly correlated with received content file coefficients, and the correlation coefficient is then compared to a detection threshold in blind watermarking. Blind watermarking. As a result, only the watermark sequence and the scaling factor are necessary for watermark detection.
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Once a watermark is embedded, the content can be shared with the appropriate audience. To learn more about content piracy, the unauthorised use of it is recorded. Detectors for watermarks check each frame of pirated content for the original watermark. As part of the embedding procedure, the same key is used for the detection. As long as the watermark payload is detected, an OTT platform can use this information to identify the leaker. The platform or content producer might take many anti-piracy steps and also commence legal procedures against the source of infringement on the basis of this information.


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