Bird Flight Diverters Can Keep Birds Out Of The Power Lines


One of the first signs of spring is a sign of birds building their nests in trees and on power lines. In this article, it is explained how bird flight diverters can be installed around power lines to keep birds out of them.

How do bird flight diverters work?
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The basic principle behind a bird flight diverter is simple: It’s a fence with a hole in it. When a bird tries to fly through the hole, it gets stuck on the other side. This prevents birds from getting close to power lines and causing damage or accidents. There are a few different types of bird out there, but all of them work in essentially the same way. The main difference is the design of the fence: some diverters are made out of metal bars, while others are made out of mesh or netting.

Benefits of bird flight diverters

The benefits of flight for keeping birds out of power lines can be summarized as follows:

-Diverts birds away from power lines, preventing injuries or fatalities.

-Reduces energy cost associated with Bird Strike Events (BSEs).

-Promotes biodiversity and conservation.

-Reduces environmental impact.

Bird flight diverters and power lines

Since birds are attracted to electric lights, using a bird flight diverter can keep them from getting entangled in power lines. This type of device is made of a series of spring-loaded poles that open and close, creating a barrier between the wires and the birds.


The power lines are a major attraction for birds, and they can get electrocuted if they fly into them. By installing bird flight diverters, you can keep birds away from the power lines and out of danger.


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