Convert the Exchange EDB files to PST with freely methods


In earlier versions of Exchange database users had to saved the specific mailboxes in storage groups. It was possible to take a backup of users by simply backing up the storage groups. But, In newest versions of Exchange severs, Exchange users mailbox backup has become a difficult task for user mailboxes are now stored in Exchange Database EDB file.

First we understand “What is EDB and PST file”, then we go walk through some the free methods that one can use to convert the EDB files to Outlook PST file.

Difference Between EDB or PST files

EDB — EDB stands for Exchange Database file that is used to store the all the information in Exchange mailboxes such as email, calendar, notes, task & contacts etc. In EDB file, we follow the Binary-tree structure and the data is accessed Microsoft Extensible storage engine. Dismounted and corrupted EDB file are not opened directly.

PST — PST stands for Personal Storage Table that is used for storing the data items such as emails, calendars, contacts & other information associated with Outlook user profile. PST files easily opened in various Outlook versions and the content within accessed easily.

Do you know why we need to perform the EDB to PST Conversion ?
In Below we listed some reasons as to why we might want to convert EDB to PST:
1.Recover complete information from corrupted and inaccessible EDB file
2.Reducing the size of large mailboxes and making the PST archives of mailbox data
3.Exchange Mailbox backup
4.Move mailbox data to another place
5.Retrieve Exchange data from common errors such as JET errors or unexcepted shutdown

So many different methods are available for convert the EDB to Outlook PST file

1.Use Microsoft ExMerge Software for convert the Exchange EDB file to PST
2.Use Exchange Admin Center to convert EDB to PST
3.Use Microsoft Shell commands to convert EDB to PST
4.Use 3rd party Software to convert EDB to PST

let’s go to the methods we have to convert EDB to PST:
In this lists there are 3 manual methods as well as an easier one that’s gets the job done quicker and more efficiently unlike the manual methods:

1.Convert Exchange EDB file to PST using the Microsoft ExMerge
Microsoft ExMerge Software that can be widely used for convert the Exchange EDB Mailboxes to PST. If you have a administrator then you can easily use ExMerge Exchange EDB to PST.

How to use ExMerge?
Stage 1: Download Exmerge and introduce.
Stage 2: Launch the ExMerge wizard and snap Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure) and snap Next.
Stage 3: Choose Extract information from an Exchange Server Mailbox and snap Next.
Stage 4: Provide Exchange Server Credentials and snap Next.
Stage 5: In the Data Selection Criteria window, explore to Import Procedure tab and select Archive information to target store
Stage 6: Select the letter drops that you wish to product to Outlook PST record and snap Next.
Stage 7: Provide the objective way for PST record in the following window and snap Next to begin the product activity.

2.Convert EDB to PST with Exchange Admin Center
Stage 1: Log in to the Exchange Admin Center with your administrator certifications.
Stage 2: Click on administrator jobs in consents tab and go to Recipient Management, then, at that point, click the ‘Alter’ button.
Stage 3: In the Role Group window that shows up, click + button underneath Roles
Stage 4: Select the Mailbox Import Export job, click the add → button and snap OK
Stage 5: Once done effectively, you can see the Mailbox Import Export under Assigned Roles for Recipient Management
Stage 6: Select beneficiaries and from the recorded letter drops, pick any post box that you need to product to PST and snap the ••• button. From the dropdown, select Export to a PST record choice.
Stage 7: The ensuing windows will permit you to choose the post box to be sent out as well as the way for traded PST record. You can likewise pick whether to send email to a letter box once the .PST trade activity is finished.

3.Convert EDB to PST with Exchange Management Shell

Using Exchange Management Shell for the conversion of EDB file to PST format
The Exchange Management Shell is inbuilt on Windows PowerShell innovation and offers clients a strong order line interface that permits getting to the data set and the robotization of Exchange organization errands. Note:- Before playing out the means, you should guarantee that the PST record saving area is a common organization organizer.

You want to play out the accompanying order given underneath to change over the EDB into PST Format:
1. To get the rundown of letter drops in an Exchange Database, run the order:
Get-Mailbox Statistics — Database
2. At last, run this order to change over the EDB document to PST.
New-MailboxExportRequest — Mailbox — File Path \\ExchangeBackup\PST\MailboxName.PST
D:\Download:- This order will permit you to remove PST from EDB Exchange 2016 and save it locally. Kindly
ensure that the saving catalog is a common organizer.
3. Utilize this order to check the situation with the letter drop trade demand.
4. When the product cycle gets finished, drop the commodity demand by the accompanying order.
Eliminate MailboxExportRequest — Identity

4. Convert EDB to PST With 3rd party Software
There are a lot of outsider EDB to PST Converter arrangements in the market yet awesome and generally utilized among them is Vmail. There are a few contributing variables to the prevalence of Vmail yet the main ones are its natural UI and criminological Exchange server recuperation abilities. All those who have had a chance to do Vmail review thoroughly recommend it.

Vmail Exchange EDB to PST Converter are uniquely intended for edb to pst change it has profound examining calculations that output through your whole data set record, regardless of how degenerate it is and recuperate all sends, connections, contacts, schedules and so on with no information misfortune at all.

The EDB converter to PST will likewise allow you specifically to send out things from the letter box to Outlook PST document, making granular or block level Exchange Recovery conceivable. Vmail edb to pst converter is a finished arrangement, and that implies separated from Exchange EDB to PST recuperation, it can likewise perform direct EDB to Office 365 and Live Exchange Migration.

For direct EDB to PST changes with no PowerShell cmdlets or different intricacies, you can look at Vmail EDB to PST Converter, it is utilized and suggested by great many IT administrators across the globe. Regardless of how bad or distant your disconnected EDB document is, Vmail EDB to PST Converter can seamlessly convert all its data such as mails, contacts, embedded attachments, calendar items etc. to PST file.

Steps to convert EDB to PST With Vmail EDB to PST Converter:


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