Is there a Facebook Messenger app for PC?


Are you also sitting with the computer in your lap from morning to night right now? Then this is a flexible solution for both messages and group video calls! Facebook Messenger app had previously promised a desktop version of Messenger, and now it has fittingly been launched. More than ever, sitting with the laptop in their lap and using technology and video calls to communicate with the outside world, both at work, school work and privately.

This is how the computer version of Facebook Messeger works

Facebook Messenger app is already available as an app for mobile and tablet, but now it is also launched for both PC and Mac. Previously, you had to open the browser on your computer to read messages and reply via Messenger, but now it goes directly via the app.

Have smooth group video conversations with friends, family or colleagues.

Easy way to make group video calls

Users who have tested the new app testify that it feels like a very flexible solution. You do not have to have the Facebook tab up, but can quickly and easily respond to messages. 

The app is very basic and the functions are thus much the same as we are used to in the mobile, but a smart advantage in work and plug-related contexts is that it is easy to attach files from the computer in a message. For more advanced settings, you are automatically redirected to the browser version of Messenger.

The messenger app facebook is available for download for PC on the  Microsoft Store  and  Mac App Store . 


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