Do you want to find new friends? Check out these smart apps and websites!

Are you going to move to a new city soon and study, or do you just want to have a slightly richer social life? Then it can be perfect to find new friends with the help of apps and websites. After all, it is 2020 and we have already got used to finding love on the internet.

Chat a bit with someone and go on a friend date, or find more people who like the same thing as you and go to an event together. Can you imagine something more fun ?!

Apps for buddy dating

If the answer is no, you should check out these 10 smart apps and websites where you can find new friends.

All services are free, although some also offer plus services.

1. Citypolarna

Various events are posted on this website, throughout Sweden. In the calendar you can divide them by where you are – and go straight to one of them to meet new friends. Both free and plus memberships are available.

2. Bunko

This retro-style site serves as a bulletin board. Anyone can post what they are looking for – and many are just looking for friends.

3. Slowly

With Slowly, you can make friends all over the world in a really old-fashioned way, but in your mobile. In the app, you will find digital pen pals, and the letters will only arrive after a number of hours. So cozy!

4. Panion

This app is also developed in Sweden and is aimed at anyone who wants to find new friends. In the app, you can, among other things, show what interests you have and post a picture of yourself.

5. HON

SHE stands for “Her Online Network” and is thus a network for girls and women, mainly in working life. The gang behind the app also holds events.

6. The corps

The sports association Korpen offers several activities in exercise around the country. Perfect for meeting friends in your city.

7. Local

This app gathers Facebook events in one place. In a smooth way, it helps you explore what is happening where you are.

8. The new friend agency

This site brings together new and established Swedes. For example, you can find a new coffee buddy or a digital buddy.

9. Find new friends (Facebook group)

This is one of many groups on Facebook that aim for members to be able to find new friends. There are several similar groups, including for specific locations. Try searching for different variants of “find friends” in the search field on Facebook and more will appear.

10. Whistle

In this app you can choose whether you are looking for friendship or something more. Perfect for you who know exactly what you are looking for in your new friend.


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