Cutting bangs is nice, but can also be risky. Here are the five biggest mistakes you can make when cutting bangs – and do so to avoid them.”Hair or not hair” – this is a question that many ask themselves, especially now during the pandemic. It can be as neat as can be and really highlight your best features on the face, but it can also end in a minor disaster.

Mistakes to avoid when cutting bangs

Before you decide to cut or not cut, you should at least read this list. Here are the five biggest mistakes people make when cutting bangs – avoid them for both you and your hairdresser:

1. You cut bangs yourself at home

And you use kitchen scissors or nail scissors … Cutting bangs on yourself requires extreme precision and it rarely works. Just do not do it.

2. You cut a fringe that requires styling – when you never have time for styling

Having a fringe requires a lot of work. If you know that you are tired in the morning and do not want to spend more than five minutes in the bathroom in the morning – then do not cut a fringe that requires a lot of work. Ask your hairdresser about a fringe that suits your hair type and does not require styling.

3. You forget to check what your fringe looks like from the side

Often when you cut bangs, you look at yourself straight from the front and see what it looks like from that angle. But at least as important is how it looks from the side. Ask a friend to take cards, use mirrors, but for God’s sake do not forget to check how your bangs look on you even in profile.

4. You cut a fringe that itches and irritates

Having a thick fringe that ends at the eyebrows will mean that it itches a lot right there. If you cut a curtain that ends at your cheekbones, it will tickle you there instead. Think about the type of hair you have and the thickness and length you want on your bangs to reduce the risk of irritation and itchy itching.

5. You use hair products that are not good for your skin

Yes, we understand that it sounds confusing. But when you have a fringe, it means that it hangs a part in your face, usually down the forehead or on the sides of your face. If you use a lot of hair spray or other products in the fringe, it will also end up on your skin and it can in the long run cause acne and irritation. So if you have cut bangs and in addition got problems with your skin, it is time to review what kind of products you use in your hair.


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