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What’s coming to Disney PLUS July 2021?


Classic films, the brand’s new series – and Swedish actress Nanna Blondell in the new Marvel film Black Widow . Here’s all that Disney + has to offer in July.

New month means new content on Disney + and in July, 55 new additions came to the streaming service! Here are the series, movies and documentaries to plow this summer!

You can find even more TV series tips here!

New movies at Disney + in July

Where happiness is

Plot: Fourteen-year-old Ann is forced to leave her life in Bay City, Vinsconsin because her mother Adele wants to make her dreams come true in Beverly Hills. In the film, you get to follow a mother-daughter relationship that wants different things in life. The cast includes Natalie Portman and Susan Saradon.

Premiere: July 2

Rock sisters

Action: Comedy film about two friends who in the 60’s were IT stars who hung backstage at various concerts. The friendship takes an unexpected turn and when the friends meet again, many years later, their lives look different to say the least. One works as a stripper, while the other lives the perfect family life.

Premiere: July 2


Action: American superhero film from 2012 which is about three teenagers who suddenly get superpowers that are put to the test.

Premiere: July 2

The Darkest Minds

Action: Science fiction film from 2018 with, among others, Mandy Moore and Amandla Stenberg in the cast. The creators of Stranger Things offer further excitement with the film, which is about all children’s lives being in danger.

Premiere: July 2

The Rocker

Action: Drummer Fish is abandoned by his rock band just before the band breaks through – properly. 20 years later, he sees his chance for a comeback and starts a new band with his nephew.

Premiere: July 2

Black Widow

Action: Finally, it’s time for Marvel’s new superhero movie to premiere! The film, starring Scarlett Johansson, is about Natasha Romanoff who escapes for her life and has to deal with her past as a spy in order to survive. The film also features the Swedish super actress Nanna Blondell.


Plot: The cult film from 1963 is about ancient Egypt where Julius Ceasar and Cleopatara try to regain the throne from Cleopatra’s younger brother. The main role as Cleopatra is Elizabeth Taylor.

Premiere: July 9


Plot: An American crime film about Jimmy Hoffa who was the leader of Teamsters, but mysteriously disappears.

Premiere: July 9


Plot: Following a request from an old friend, Julia takes on the task of starting smuggling funds into Germany, in the middle of the current war. Vanessa Redgrave, who played Julia, later won an Oscar for her performance in the film. Jane Fonda and Meryl Streep also have roles in the film.

Premiere: July 9


Plot: American comedy from the late 90’s where a senator suddenly gets tired of life and hires a torpedo to kill him in the middle of the campaign.

Premiere: July 16

The calendar girls

Action: At an institute in the UK, women learn everything from baking, sewing and knitting. But some of the women want to make money and decide to redo the institute’s annual calendar, which is normally adorned with pastries and flowers, and creates something no one has seen before …

Premiere: July 16

Hot Shots! – The heights

Plot: A pilot, played by Charlie Sheen, is recruited for a top secret Air Force mission. But he also needs to deal with incompetent employees.

Premiere: July 16

Action: The sequel to the movie Hot Shots! – The heights again offer a secret mission, but this time the country’s incompetent president sends the pilot to the Middle East to save American hostages.

Premiere: July 16

Arizona Junior

Action: American comedy starring Nicolas Cage. Nicolas plays a shoplifter, but marries one of the police. When the couple cannot have children themselves, they choose to kidnap a child from another family who has just had five children.

Premiere: July 16

Bad Girls

Plot: Drew Berrymoore and Andie MacDowell are two of the four girls who in the film play prostitutes, but then choose to discover the Wild West. A trip where nothing of course goes as planned.

Premiere: July 23


Plot: Brian Flanagan (played by Tom Cruise), moves to New York to become a stockbroker. But since life as a stockbroker was not so easy, he also needs to take an extra job at a bar where a lot happens.

Premiere: July 23

Coyote Ugly

Plot: Romantic comedy about Violet who lives in a small town with her father. But life in the small town is not what Violet wants, but she wants to live out her musical dreams.

Premiere: July 23

The dream image

Action: One of Jennifer Aniston’s early films. Kate works at an advertising agency, but even though she does everything to climb the career ladder, she is never promoted. The reason? Kate has no fiancé!

Premiere: July 23

She is mine

Plot: Romantic comedy about tangled relationships and life in New York. Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston are in the cast.

Premiere: July 23

Jungle Cruise

Plot: In the film, we get to follow the actors Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt on a meaningful journey along the Amazon. Also on the trip are the witty captain Frank Wolff and the stubborn researcher Dr. Lily Houghton.

Premiere: July 30

Plot: Exciting thriller based on the book of the same name. Love, blackmail and a terrifying fate.

Premiere: July 30


Plot: Exciting thriller based on the book of the same name. Love, blackmail and a terrifying fate.

Premiere: July 30

Plot: An American comedy based on real events about the Newton family who lived on robbing banks.

The Newton Boys

Premiere: July 30

Terminator: Dark Fate

Action: American science fiction action and sequel to the movie Terminator : Genisys.

Premiere: July 30

New series at Disney + in July

Besos al Aire

Season 1

Action: A Spanish miniseries about last year’s pandemic.

Premiere: July 2


Season 1-6

Plot: Drama series about Lucious Lyon who is the CEO of a music empire who finds out that he has a fatal disease. He wants to hand over the empire to his three sons, but his ex-wife, who financed the start-up of the record company, wants his share of the pie.

Premiere: July 7


Season 1-3

Action: American drama series with music in focus. Three women from Atlanta form a group and aim to take over the United States.

Premiere: July 14

Station 19

Season 1-4, season 4 is released with a new episode every week

Action: In a spin off on Grey’s Anatomy , we now get to follow life on Seattle Fire Station 19.

Premiere: July 14

Behind the Attraction

Plot: A new Disney Original that shows the life and attractions of Disney World. Producer is none other than Dwayne Johnson, perhaps better known as “The Rock”.

Premiere: July 21

Turner & Hooch

Season 1, new episode every week

Action: The series is based on the film from 1989, with the same name. Turner enlists the help of the dog Hooch to solve the mystery surrounding his father’s death.

Premiere: July 28


Plot: A story about the youngest son of a dictator in the Middle East who returns to his homeland after 20 years in exile.

Premiere: July 28

Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts

Season 1

Plot: Robin Roberts invites some of America’s pioneering women to tell their life story.

Premiere: July 28

Last Man Standing

Season 1-9, season 9 is released with a new episode every week

Plot: Mike is a happy family man with three daughters. Viewers can follow Mike’s life, which is currently a bit of a crisis, through vlogs.

Premiere: July 28

New documentaries at Disney + in July

  • Sharks’ Paradise, premiere : July 2
  • When Sharks Attack, Premiere: July 2nd
  • Sharks of Lost Island, premiere : July 2nd
  • Sharks of the Bermuda Triangle, premiere : July 2nd
  • Race to the Center of the Earth, premiere: July 14
  • Accident Investigation Board , premiere: 14 July
  • March: SpaceX from within, premiere: July 16
  • Journey to the Sun, premiere: July 16
  • Apollo: Back to the Moon , premiere: July 16
  • Playing with sharks, premiere: July 23
  • Stuntman, premiere: July 23
  • Being the Queen, premiere: July 23
  • SS from within: The road to power, premiere: 28 July
  • Summer of Soul, premiere: July 30

Series and movie news for children at Disney + in July

Series and movie news for children at Disney + in July

  • The Green family in the big city, premiere: 2 July
  • Fancy Nancy – shows what is fancy , premiere: July 14
  • Marvel Superhero Adventure, premiere: July 21st
  • Spidey and his Fantastic Friends, premiere: July 21st
  • Star Wars Vintage: Droids, premiere: July 23
  • The Return of the Wizards: Alex vs. Alex, premiere: July 30th
  • Piff och Puff: Parkliv, premiere: 28 July
  • Mickey Pigg’s wonderful world, premiere: July 28
  • Jessie , premiere: July 28th


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