Different Types of Games For Your Kids


Learn by playing

The age group of 3 to 6 years corresponds to nursery school , which is good, because playing is also learning and this, the school has understood. But back at home, your child enjoys exercising his intelligence and developing his imagination by playing.

Intellectual games

All intellectual games like drift hunters that awaken his sense of logic, reflection and knowledge, and increase his ability to concentrate may interest him: puzzles, memos, etc. He particularly likes those that allow him to play with his brothers and sisters or his friends: board games such as checkers, Memory, word games like afk arena tier list and 7 families, game of little pigs, dominoes, little horses, etc.

And of course, he loves books , especially if every evening you want to read him a story , a special moment he shares with you. There is a wide range of magazines reserved for this age. Not to mention a very varied collection of albums and children’s books. In the long run it ends up getting expensive. Make exchanges with neighbors, at the nanny’s, at the creche and above all go to the libraries with him and borrow rather than buy.

Imitation games

Imitation games allow him to understand the world around him, to project himself into it, to replay scenes he has experienced: this is the ideal time to offer him or better, to create with his participation, a disguise (of firefighter, princess, pirate , etc.), puppets, or even equipment “like the grown-ups”: the doctor’s kit, handyman’s tools, childcare equipment, etc.
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At this age, all the toys allowing him to develop an imaginary world are likely to please him: miniature reproduction of a universe (a dollhouse, a farm, a fire station, a garage, etc.) and games with small characters, toy cars , etc. which appear to be true. Any game made with it, over time and expectation, will be much more respected and admired than the latest fragile and underinvested fashionable gadget.It often doesn’t take much: the imagination (therefore the brain) does the rest.

More physical games

Your child also likes to exert himself : the more physical games attract him a lot: the tricycle or the roller skates, and especially as he grows up the bicycle, the scooter or the rollerblades which he likes all the more since it is an activity that he enjoys. He can share with you.

He also enjoys all outdoor games that are played with others, whether ball games, swings, slides, trampolines, and especially those that require a minimum of skill: bowling games. , croquet, mini-golf, juggling balls, jumping balls, punching balls, dartboards (without tip) etc.

Building games

He also likes construction games: whether it’s a fortified castle or a doll’s house, with plastic bricks, planks or logs, especially if you are at his side to help complete the construction. There are even games where the child learns about masonry using real terracotta bricks. Around five or six years old, he will be delighted to make his first models or to assemble the various parts making up a vehicle using plates, screws and nuts (Meccano).
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He feels a very legitimate pride when he manages to build something.

Games that develop artistic sense

He likes games that develop his artistic sense, especially if he plays them with you: learning songs or nursery rhymes that you can sing together will appeal to him a lot. This is the age when he takes pleasure in listening to music or learning an instrument: piano, drums, etc. He educates his ear and can really learn to play, hence the need to offer him quality instruments.

Manual games

Of course, all manual activities attract him a lot: modeling clay, painting, drawing, DIY, etc. The ideal is that you spend time with him by offering him from time to time to make an object together: he appreciates doing it “by himself”, with your help, of course.


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