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Top 8 Powerful Tools Developers Use for Laravel Web Development


PHP, an abbreviation for Hypertext Processor, is an open-source, broadly useful prearranging language. The programming language is broadly utilized for Laravel web development across the globe, and as of now controls more the 200,000,000 sites, including Yahoo!, Facebook and WordPress.

It’s great for PHP developers that such countless frameworks are accessible in the tech market for PHP development. In any case, it additionally frequently leads them into a dilemma with regards to deciding the best one. Albeit the decision to pick a PHP framework intensely depends on its functionality and different variables to suit explicit undertaking necessities, one PHP framework, called Laravel, has been broadly embraced generally speaking. At this point, there are 33,119 stars for Laravel on Github. In this blog, we are offering knowledge into benefits that pursue Laravel the most favored decision of PHP developers. And hence making the Laravel web development a lot more effective. 

PHP powers 77.6% of sites around the world. Subsequently, for every 10 sites you visit, 8 sites run on PHP.

A portion of the names among these sites incorporates Facebook, MailChimp, and Tumblr.

OK, presently you also need a site based on PHP. In any case, before you hire a committed PHP developer, ensure the developer knows how to utilize these 8 PHP development tools for Laravel web development:

  • PHPStorm
  • Zend Studio
  • PHP Debug Bar
  • CodeLobster
  • AWS Cloud9
  • Netbeans
  • Aptana Studio
  • Eclipse

1. PHPStorm

Assuming you’re developing tasks utilizing a few outsider applications and utilizing enormous codebases, PHPStorm is the most ideal decision for you. The tool offers a code-altering environment.

The Java-based lightweight IDE upholds PHP coding frameworks including Laravel, Yii, and Zend. Moreover, the PHP development tool upholds famous Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal.


  • The foundation code ordering connects the code and gets common mistakes.
  • The in-fabricated terminal permits you to run code the board tools and pre-handling straightforwardly from the supervisor.
  • Cross-platform support permits running the product on any working platform.


  • Works gradually in machines with lower than 16 GB RAM.
  • An unbending venture-based structure keeps from taking expendable notes or performing speedy alters.

2. Zend Studio

Google. Microsoft. StrikeIron. These are a portion of the monsters that utilize Zend Studio, providing the best Laravel development services. 

The PHP development tool can convey PHP applications on any server and offers a shocking rate. Zend Studio is viable with PHP 7.


  • Offers quick coding along with a clever code proofreader.
  • Coordinates with Zend Debugger, X-beam, and Xdebug.
  • Offers PHP profiling and investigating both autonomously and with the Zend Server.
  • Upholds all the main programming dialects including PHP, JavaScript, C, and C++.
  • Offers interoperability with GitHub, Git, SVN, and CVS.


  • The PHP development tool has a lofty expectation to absorb information and colossal documentation.
  • The modules are costly.

3. PHP Debug Bar

PHP Debug Bar permits you to show profiling information from different web applications. The development tool accompanies two sections – the primary DebugBar and information gatherers and the render.

The development tool chips away at the information authority design. Moreover, the tool permits you to save your solicitations and return them.


  • Investigates monitor organizations and CSS components.
  • You can make modified authorities and view the gatherers in the bar.
  • Upholds driving programming dialects including Java, PHP, and Ruby.
  • Offers an in-fabricated information gatherer for standard PHP features.
  • Can deal with AJAX demands effortlessly.
  • Offers itemized documentation.


  • Incongruent with PHP versions lower than 5.5.

4. CodeLobster

Assuming you’re looking for an IDE to modernize and smooth out the development cycle, CodeLobster is the ideal decision for you. The PHP development tool upholds all the main PHP frameworks including Laravel, EmberJS, and CodeIgniter.

The developers offer CodeLobster for $39.95 per feature.


  • In-constructed PHP debugger approves the code locally.
  • Offers an auto-complete element for PHP contentions, characters, labels, functions, and traits. Consequently, you won’t have to recollect anything during coding.
  • Autocompletes DOM components, catchphrases, and their particular properties.
  • Upholds all driving platforms including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Moreover, among these main eight PHP development tools, CodeLobster upholds all the significant programming dialects like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML too.


  • The UI is obsolete.
  • Doesn’t exhibit bigger information things completely.

5. AWS Cloud9

AWS Cloud9 offers a pre-configured environment to permit developers to begin coding immediately. Besides, to assemble a serverless application and compose, investigate, and run code in a program, AWS Cloud9 is the ideal tool for you.

The web services unit of has established the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The app comes furnished with an in-constructed code editorial manager, debugger, and terminal.


  • Offers an ongoing language examination, picture editorial manager, and debugger.
  • Presents ongoing information following and a shareable development environment.
  • The cooperative coding feature permits developers to code along with their partners.
  • Offers upheld tooling for north of 40 programming dialects including PHP, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, and C++.
  • Offers document revision history to assist you with seeing every one of the progressions you made.


  • Doesn’t uphold language investigating other than PHP.
  • Doesn’t adjust with record capacity services, for example, Google Drive and Dropbox.

6. Netbeans

A free, lightweight, open-source, and cross-platform IDE for PHP applications. That is Netbeans for you. The PHP development tool upholds a few dialects other than English like Russian, Japanese, Brazilian, Chinese, and Portuguese. Any top Laravel development company can help you figure out the requirements. 

The tool initially worked for Java development.


  • Offers a Netbeans profiler, shrewd code completion, and a visual debugger.
  • Offers strong undertaking of the board, code layouts, proficient refactoring, and getter setter generation.
  • Viable with all the main PHP frameworks like WordPress, Zend, Symfony 2, Smarty, CakePHP, and FuelPHP.
  • Amazing for testing and investigating code.
  • PeConsrmits you to run server-based applications easily.


  • Occupies bunches of room. Moreover, the IDE runs are delayed on PCs with i3 processors.
  • Compilation and execution are slower when contrasted with other IDEs.

7. Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is the ideal decision for you if you have any desire to construct dynamic web applications. The PHP development tool coordinates with a few server-side and client-side applications that utilize advancements like PHP, HTML5, Python, and numerous others. You can always hire Laravel developers for the best Laravel web development solutions. 

The tool maintains the order line connection point and debuggers and makes them further developed for PHP website development with the best Laravel development services. 


  • Offers IDE, FTP, and SFTP customization. Moreover, code right-hand permits you to compose programs in various dialects including JavaScript and CSS.
  • Incorporates JavaScript and AJAX well-known libraries.
  • Upholds information accessibility from all driving web programs like Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
  • Permits you to assemble and test web applications in one environment.
  • Offers an arrangement wizard, a coordinated debugger, an incorporated terminal, and code help.


  • Aptana Studio among all the PHP development tools is weighty and can get stuck when a few apps are working at the same time.

8. Eclipse

Assuming you’re looking for a tool that offers a wide scope of modules to make coding simpler, Eclipse is your absolute best. Developed by IBM, the PHP development tool is adjustable. Moreover, the tool upholds both GUI and non-GUI applications.

The tool offers both the PHP and Java environments as guidelines.


  • Offers code layouts, code help, code rebuilding, code designing and navigation, and language structure featuring. The component assists you with composing better code effortlessly.
  • Upholds all the main programming dialects like JavaScript, COBOL, Ruby, C, C++, and Python.
  • Auto-completion assists you with saving a ton of time.
  • A wide scope of modules including code formatter modules and unit testing modules.
  • Offers numerous language support as well.
  • The UI is straightforward to utilize.
  • Offers itemized documentation and a functioning local area. Accordingly, any time you have an issue, there’s a response.


  • Doesn’t offer an in-assembled code substitution feature.
  • The Intellisense component can hang now and again.


To put things in perspective, the above tools are the best 8 tools used by Laravel developers. And if you’re looking to find the top mobile app development company to help you with your Laravel development requirements, you should go with the best one to get the optimal results.  


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