How to migrate GroupWise to Office 365?


The Novell GroupWise is a collaboration and messaging platform provided by Micro Focus. It supports document and personal information management for the users. On the other hand, the Office 365 cloud is more or less the same. This SaaS-based application helps users with their tasks through its cloud space and Microsoft’s core applications. But it is seen that the GroupWise users are shifting towards Office 365. There can be many reasons to migrate GroupWise to Office 365, although both are capable email & collaboration platforms. 

Possible Reasons Behind the GroupWise Migration:

  • For the cloud-based services, the space availability is the crucial part, and the Office 365 service provides 50 GB at the least.
  • Users can access their Office 365 account from anywhere at any time providing flexibility over work.
  • Microsoft provides an on-time update in Office 365 without letting users suffer its downtime.
  • Office 365 retains the users’ data automatically, there is no need to press ctrl+S for saving each update.
  • Office 365 put them all together, from communication to content & tool availability on a shared workspace.
  • This service is cost-convenient and charges only as per the space availability and the features.

How to Migrate GroupWise Safely to Office 365?

As usual, the manual method and professional tools are available for this technical task. The manual method comprises lengthy steps which are complicated and not suggested to the users. If, for a try, users want to migrate through the manual method, are instructed to take a backup before.

On the other hand, there are innumerable professional tools that do this task efficiently and without altering the metadata. From this listicle, users can use Weeom GroupWise to Office 365 Migration tool. The very good thing about this tool is that it inherits a simple and detailed interface, which effectively brings down the process’s technicality.

Features of Weeom GroupWise to Office 365 Migration Tool:

  • Connect Through Multiple Ways: This tool allows users to connect to their GroupWise account in the way they want. The possible ways are Default, Online, Cache mailbox path, and Remote mailbox path. 
  • Content Screening Before Migration: Once users connect to their GroupWise account, they can view the content of the added GroupWise mailbox on its interface. This tool quickly scans the content of the added GroupWise account to make their preview for the users.
  • Folder & Mailbox Mapping: This tool allows users to perform the mailbox and folder mapping manually or by using CSV files. The mapping feature of the tool lets users get the migration accuracy of the desired level.
  • Item Filter: Weeom GroupWise to Office 365 Migration tool facilitates users to carry on the process with the selective items. This tool is having filters based on item type and message date. Users can filter their data accordingly, which also helps in better space optimization.
  • PST Split and Password: You may have got astonished, but this tool also facilitates users to get the GroupWise data backup in PST. Users can get the PSTs of the desired size and also put the password on them if required.

Final Words:

The manual method takes lots of time which could be bearable for little data but not for multiple mailboxes. Users using the manual method may end up with data alteration & loss. In this situation, they are advised to use a professional tool. Users can use any of the professional tools moreover, they can use the Weeom GroupWise to Office 365 Migration tool in a FREE demo.


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