Books make the best gifts for kids


Looking for gift options for your little ones and loved ones? The ideal best gifts for kids are books, toys and puzzles. Parents should always think of gifts which kids will love and will simultaneously result in their growth and development. There are various books to select from. Parents can look at early learning books, colouring books, picture books, story books, workbooks, activity books and many more. The books should always be bought keeping in mind what the child likes and which book will attract little learners.

Parents have a variety of options to buy from. There are plenty of bookstores available around us. Pegasus too is a very famous brand for children products. They have their bookstore in DLF, Mall of India, Noida and Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden. Pegasus has products for kids aged 0-12 years. 

  • Padded early years board book

For any toddler, best gifts for kids is good to give them padded books as these books are very soft and durable books. These books come with hardboard papers. The books are very handy and come in a compact size. The kids could turn the pages easily. The books could be cleaned easily with a cloth if it gets dirty. The topics introduced in this series are preschool topics. The topics are first words, animals, numbers and colours & shapes.

  • My first 1000 words

We all want our kids to be able to recognise things around them. To be able to recognise things, this is possible with this book ‘My first 1000 words’ which is a picture word book for little ones. The kids get to see images and the associated word is given there. This helps toddlers to recognise things listed in the books. This book will eventually help kids in enhancing their vocabulary. They get to come across new words everyday.

  • My first learning bag

Learning bags are one of the best gift options for kids. As they come in a bag shaped containing 10 books in each bag. There are 4 bags in this series: My first learning preschool bag, My first learning reading bag, My first learning activity bag and My first learning colouring bag. There are 10 different activity books in each bag. Preschool bag comes with books about colours, alphabets, first words, animals and birds, fruits and vegetables, things that move, numbers, human body, shapes & sizes and jobs people do. These learning bags are ideal for kids aged 2 years and above.

  • My ultimate practice workbook

Workbooks too are good options for gifting. Workbooks help kids in their growth. There are various workbooks available for kids as per their age group. In this series, there are four books about cursive writing, handwriting, phonics and sight words, phonic letters and word sentences and sight words and sentences. These books help kids in developing all these basics. These are practice workbooks for little learners and prove to be great assets for kids in their learning.

  • 1001 brain booster activities

Activity books generally keep kids engaged for long hours. This is a series of two activity books catering to different age groups. One for kids aged 3 years and above and the other for kids aged 5 years and above. Both of these activity books contain 1000+ activities for little learners. They get to do a diverse range of activities. The activities are generally about spotting the differences, finding the odd one out, mazes, dot to dot and others.

  • Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is a series of 8 books. The titles are animal adventures, from the cradle of nature, amazing stories for children, adventure stories for children, stories of wisdom, tales from the childhood, magical stories of children and the blue umbrella. These books are an ideal option for gifting. Children love reading Ruskin Bond stories. His stories are written in simple and easy to understand language. The books are ideal for kids aged 6 years and above.

  • All time favourite stories

These all time favourite stories are loved by little ones. They find these stories very interesting and engaging. The famous stories are retold in a charming manner. The stories are accompanied by beautiful illustrations. These books are good to be read before bedtime.

  • Super jumbo colouring books

Colouring books are always a great option for gifting purposes. Kids love to colour and gifting these big sized colouring books are perfect for them. These colouring books are ideal for kids aged 4 years and above. The kids get ample amount of space to fill colours. There are four books in this series: magical creatures, world around us, things that move and animals & birds.

  • 365 stories

This series is an ideal option for gifting to kids aged 3 years and above. The books come in a padded cover with a foil print. There are 10 titles in this series of 365 stories: 365 bedtime stories, 365 amazing stories, 365 animal tales, 365 bible stories, 365 fairy tales, 365 goodnight stories, 365 magical tales, 365 moral stories, 365 princess tales and ghost stories for 365 days.

  • 500 facts

We all wish to increase our little one’s knowledge. This can be done with this series of 500 facts where kids get to come across various well researched facts. These books are based on different subjects: animals, dinosaurs, Earth, history, human body, ocean world, science and space. These books come with padded foil covers.

  • Mini colouring pad

We often see little ones find it difficult to carry their big colouring books everywhere. These mini colouring books are a perfect solution for this problem. Kids could easily carry these books along with them. These colouring books come in a very compact size. These are foil covered pads and come with tear-out sheets for kids. The books in this series are: animals, doodles, mandala and patterns. These colouring pads are ideal for kids aged 12+ years.

One could look out for more such gifting options for their little ones or loved ones. There are plenty of other options available for parents to select from.


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