Positive and Negative Effects Of Advertising And Marketing 


A famous Czech writer, Milan Kundera, once said, “Business has only two functions—marketing and innovation.” While the latter is a rare phenomenon, Advertising And Marketing activities take centre stage in promoting and selling the products or services of a company.

Over the years, marketing strategies and their execution have evolved tremendously. Today, due to technological advancements, there are several mediums and platforms for companies to showcase their products to consumers. This has even increased the demand for diplomas in advertising and marketing

But like any other mass practice, marketing also has its pros and cons for both companies and consumers worldwide.

Pros of Marketing & Advertising

  1. Increase in Sales

The direct effect of good advertising and marketing is the increased demand for your product. Without substantial sales, it is hard for a business to survive in competitive markets. Marketing makes your product known among the general public and persuades more people to buy it.

  1. Enhance Brand Recognition 

Great advertising can make customers associate a product with a particular brand only. For example, associating burgers with McDonald’s or cola drinks with Coca-Cola. Over time this builds your brand value and helps you acquire and retain customers for a more extended period.                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Communicate with Consumers

Every product appeals to a specific section of society. Companies try to interact and connect with this target audience through marketings and advertising activities. This helps them understand how consumers perceive their product and make the necessary changes to increase sales and, in turn, their profits.

Cons of Marketing & Advertising

  1. Requires Financial Investment 

Marketing and advertising cost a lot of money. This can create a disadvantage for small businesses that do not have a significant income to dedicate a chunk to marketing activities. It can also reduce investments in other aspects of the business, like research or innovation.

  1. Demands Extensive research

Building a successful marketing or advertising campaign requires a dedicated team and consistent effort. The team has to research every aspect of a campaign strategy, from the target audience to the event venue. Not doing proper research can bring you unsatisfactory returns or worse, losses for your company.

  1. Confuses The Buyers

Consumers of today are bombarded with advertisements for several products. In fact, an average consumer watches close to 5,000 ads per day. This blurs the line between the consumer’s needs and wants, making them spend their hard-earned money unnecessarily. 

Final Take!

In spite of the few negatives, marketing is a growing field in India. Many young aspirants are taking up courses offering diploma in advertising and marketing. One such institution is the Pearl Academy, offering a two-year post-graduate diploma in Advertising & Marketing to all graduate students from any discipline. 

The course is carefully designed to teach you the fundamentals and intricacies of marketing in the modern world. It also opens up several marketing communications opportunities like advertising, public relations, event management, etc. 

So, if you are in love with brands and their stories, apply to diploma in Advertising and Marketing course now and get ready to work on some memorable campaigns.


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