General: A tempting proposal gives the autumn a flying start. You are motivated to aim high in school and the successes are high during the semester. There are many indications that you will be fascinated by a new hobby.

Friends and entertainment: The entertainment carousel kicks off in August. There is a risk that something will separate you and a friend, even though the friendship lasts. During the autumn holidays, you and some friends test unusual pastimes

Love: Your active life tones down the romance a bit in August, but soon the craving for love wakes up. And it seems that October offers hot days. The cozy atmosphere persists and the stars predict that Christmas will be marked by passion.

Tour days: 29 August, 30 September, 18 October, 1 November and 4 December.

OXEN 21/4 – 20/5

General: Autumn begins in a good way when a dream seems to come true. As your abilities blossom, schoolwork and hobbies flow excellently. A long-awaited reward awaits in December.

Friends and entertainment: The stars predict that the period will be successful. Your circle of friends is large. And there are many indications that you will get another friend, who really lights up the autumn darkness. The year ends very festively.

Love: Serious feelings in August lay a solid foundation for your love life. A romantic affair gives shine to the autumn holidays and the rest of the period will be pleasant and harmonious. A sincere declaration of love in December makes you very happy.

Tour days: 19 August, 16 September, 1 October, 20 November and 24 December.

THE TWINS 21/5 – 21/6

General: You are charged before the start of school and your energy seems to hold. During the autumn holidays, you get an outlet for your practical abilities and you impress the surroundings. An unexpected message in December makes you happy.

Friends and entertainment: The positive power of the stars makes you sociable and your group of friends plays a significant role in your life. Autumn seems to be a wonderful mix of party and cozy movie nights.

Love: The period gets off to a hot start. In September, an unexpected romance can make you float on pink clouds, but at the same time get tangled up in things. Everything resolves for the best if you follow your heart. The rest of the autumn seems to be cozy and carefree.

Tour days: 31 August, 1 September, 17 October, 3 November and 19 December.

KRÄFTAN 22/6 – 22/7

General: You seem to be at the center of events this fall. Already in August, when school starts, you show forward spirit. An achievement in November gives you a lot of praise. Ahead of Christmas, you will benefit from old knowledge.

Friends and entertainment: The position of the planets reveals that August will be festive. There are many indications that your involvement in important issues brings you even more friends. You and a friend make exciting plans for the autumn holidays.

Love: A hot flirtation in August seems to make you madly in love. Your emotions do not last long and you regain control of the situation. Around Advent, your charisma is extra enticing. Then love can change course in a way that suits you perfectly.

Tour days: 28 August, 18 September, 4 October, 11 November and 13 December.

LEJONET 23/7 – 22/8

General: Now is your time and a strong driving force makes a positive impression on school work. Self-esteem grows when you see that others respect you for who you are. Good news is coming up in December.

Friends and entertainment: Your social skills make you popular. A new friendship in August will be rewarding. The autumn holidays turn into a festive time. An event at the end of the year makes you value loyal friends.

Love: Cupid seems to attract with a love drama in August. Lovely of course, but at the same time complicated. The adventure will soon find a calmer form and life will be stable if you choose the right path. There are many indications that love warms nicely around Lucia.

Tour days: 22 August, 23 September, 10 October, 13 November and 17 December.

VIRGIN 23/8 – 23/9

General: Autumn becomes active. As the stars fill you with new goals, the school feels meaningful. Exciting things during the autumn holidays give self-confidence a kick. In December, you will see that you have chosen the right path.

Friends and entertainment: New interests can bring you cozy friends when autumn begins. Of course you hang out with your old friends too and you have fun as often as you can. December seems to offer a lot of downtime.

Love: Love is in good balance in August, but can dip a little in September. However, the stars quickly give you the right power to take new steps and around the autumn holidays you are a winner in love again. The rest of the year seems to be romantic and cuddly.

Tour days: 18 August, 5 September, 14 October, 8 November and 1 December.

VÅGEN 24/9 – 23/10

General: Significant news gives your studies a positive start and you develop well throughout the semester. Remember not to rush unnecessarily, you will reach your goals anyway. An assignment around Lucia is going very well.

Friends and amusements: Your friendly relationships seem to make the wheels spin faster during this period. The circle of acquaintances is large and varied. Cozy pleasures during late autumn make you forget about rain and debris.

Love: Wise choices in August bring harmony. False rumors can unfortunately disturb the peace later on. But there is no danger. If you are sincere, everything will be put right. The autumn holidays become romantic and love makes you happy when it draws to Christmas.

Tour days: 27 August, 12 September, 24 October, 7 November and 22 December.

SCORPION 24/10 – 22/11

General: The good influence of the stars makes you want to do your best in school and in your free time and your strong will gives good results. Your helpfulness gives you benefits, especially during the autumn holidays.

Friends and fun: Strong and serious friendship runs like a thread throughout the period. Your best friends make you feel safe, whether you’re partying or just chilling. A Halloween party will be great fun.

Love: Hot forces give a glow to the love life around the start of school. After a while, everything else nice that happens, can make the romance come second. But Cupid does not rest long, soon life becomes emotional again. Late autumn seems to be magical.

Tour days: 25 August, 29 September, 15 October, 6 November and 8 December.

SHOOTER 23/11 – 21/12

General: New impressions in school stimulate you. Autumn will be fun, but also quite demanding. During the autumn holidays, you recharge your batteries, and your desire and energy will last until the end of the year. You’ll succeed around Lucia.

Friends and fun: Nothing should come between you and your friends this fall and you show that you care. It seems that you get to know a different person during the autumn holidays. December can be a festive month.

Love: Cupid gives safe vibes in August. And thanks to your sensible view of love, autumn will be easy and hassle-free. There are many indications that a romantic spark is lit in December and it seems as if the year will have a fantastic love finale.

Tour days: 26 August, 25 September, 12 October, 17 November and 6 December.

STENBOCKEN 22/12 – 20/1

General: Mighty forces are in motion and provide success and variety. In school, your strengths develop and your free time becomes active thanks to your interests. A nice surprise lights up the November darkness.

Friends and entertainment: You are a well-liked friend and you work hard to nurture your friendships. A special event in September makes you and a friend even tighter. During the autumn holidays, a dream can come true.

Love: The stars predict that the beginning of autumn will be marked by romance. In October, you may encounter obstacles, but do not give up. The experience makes you stronger and soon love will blossom like never before. Emotions deepen during the rest of the year.

Tour days: 30 August, 27 September, 26 October, 10 November and 12 December.

VATTUMANNEN 21/1 – 19/2

General: Your strong ambition benefits both studies and leisure activities. In October, you will pass a tough challenge and you will be rewarded with an honorary assignment. Your desire to discover opens new doors in December.

Friends and entertainment: The stars strengthen the cohesion of the group of friends and the autumn will be full of joy. You and a rival finally seem to be digging down the battle ax. The autumn holidays are successful and provide pleasant experiences.

Love: There are many indications that the first half of the period will be calm and pleasant. Around the autumn holidays it can get hot and the passion comes to life properly. Cupid gives you luck in love in December and romance has a big place in your life.

Tour days: 16 August, 4 September, 20 October, 23 November and 3 December.

FISKARNA 20/2 –20/3

General: The stars give you the will to succeed and move on all the time. Thanks to your dynamic attitude, many opportunities arise during the autumn. A long-awaited message in November makes you happy.

Friends and entertainment: You seem to be able to look forward to eventful months and you and your friends take the turns properly. Halloween will be extra quiet this year. A friend shows evidence of true friendship in December.

Love: The love life flows according to the plans without difficult interruptions in August and September. A little romantic adventure during the autumn holidays works wonders for your self-esteem. Cupid gives you a tailwind in love in December if you take your own initiatives.


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