15 Instagram Story Ideas That Will Make You A Social Media Star!


Whether you’re influenza or not, posting Insta stories is fun and the easiest way to update your friends and fans on what’s going on in your life. Lately, the Instagram story feature has turned into the perfect place to engage followers, promote new products, and get everyone’s attention on the platform. And just in case you did not already know, there are a number of Instagram story ideas that can turn your account into a must-follow! Check them out:

Creative Instagram Story Ideas For Photos

Looking for Instagram story ideas for photos? We’ll not only do I have a few for you, but you can also check out Instagram captions to go with them. 

Get All The Stickers Pinterest: Instagram story ideas for photos

One Instagram story idea is going all out with stickers. You can try out different types of stickers and GIFs to make your story more fun and engaging. 

BTS Content Pexels: Instagram story ideas for photos

It is always super fun to see what goes on behind the making of Instagram reels and posts! It is one of the best Instagram stories ideas that you can try out and see the response.

Everyday Hustle Pexels: Instagram story ideas for photos

There are a number of Instagram story ideas that you can try out if you are feeling bored. Instead of trying too hard to make your mark on the ‘Gram, you can simply post about your everyday life.

Transparent Background Overlay Pexels: Instagram story ideas for photos

If you’re looking for Instagram story ideas for fun, then you can try out a transparent background overlay. It is quite easy to do, just take or upload a picture, select the highlighter pen from the drawing tools and then choose a color from the menu. Later, hold your finger on the screen and voila, you have the transparent overlay in the color you’ve chosen.

Get To The Polls Pinterest: Instagram story ideas for photos

This Instagram story allows users to add polls for followers to take part in. It is an interesting IG story idea and not only is this a great way to get definitive answers, but it is also an easy way to engage with your followers. Your polls can be lighthearted and fun, but you can also take a more serious approach. If you are planning to change your Instagram username or Instagram bio, then make sure you get a poll done.

 Instagram Story Ideas For Birthdays

Instagram stories are the best place to make your loved ones feel extra special on their birthday. Your search for Instagram story ideas to wish someone on their birthday ends here and now!

Birthday Countdown Pinterest: Instagram story ideas for birthdays

If your friend’s or family member’s birthday is right around the corner, then you can make their day extra special by adding a birthday countdown on your Instagram story. You can also add pictures with them to make that countdown really fun and engaging.

Quirky Wish For Birthday Pinterest: Instagram story ideas for birthdays

The best thing you can do for the birthday person is to post a quirky birthday message and picture. Use the GIFs option to add a twist to the birthday person’s picture and share a quirky message for them.

Throwback FTW Pexels: Instagram story ideas for birthdays

Birthdays are a great reminder of how our lives have changed over the years. So if you are preparing a birthday story for a friend or someone close to you then you can add two different pictures from different times of your life to make a collage. It will be the perfect birthday post that will surely make an impression.

Simple & Sweet Pexels: Instagram story ideas for birthdays 

Sometimes the best way to say something is by keeping it simple. This Instagram story feature allows you to just simply put a text message for someone and tag them. If you have a friend who is an old school soul then this is the best way to wish them on their birthday.

Draw A Birthday Card Pinterest:  Instagram story ideas for birthdays

If you are a creative person, then you can use the highlighter pens option to draw something special for your loved one. That’s a cool way of wishing someone a Happy Birthday!

Instagram Story Ideas For Friends 

If you are a social butterfly, then you must have tons of friends who would love to feature in your social media posts. We got you covered with Instagram story ideas for multiple photos and so much more.

Instagram Story Takeover Pinterest: Instagram story ideas for friends

An Instagram takeover is when you allow someone else to post on your account for a day. It can be a fun exchange with your friends and it will surely surprise your followers.

Music & More Pinterest: Instagram story ideas for friends

If you and your friends are into music then this option is a godsend for you. Challenge each other on Instagram stories to pick songs for each other and have fun with it.

Go Live Instagram: Instagram story ideas for friends

To save the time and effort, Smihub allows you to download Instagram stories anonymously. So it is now easy to view or download Insta videos. Another awesome tool to get free Instagram followers is Picuki which increases Insta followers in a few minutes.

Are you and your friends doing something totally different and crazy? Don’t forget to go live on your Instagram story option then. It is always super fun and engaging! 

Caption This Challenge Pexels: Instagram story ideas for friends

Here is another fun challenge you can try out with your friends when it comes to Instagram stories. Click different pictures and ask your friends to pick the perfect caption for them.

Give A Shoutout to Pinterest: Instagram story ideas for friends

Your stories don’t always have to be about you! Why not give your friends a shout-out on your story and let everyone know why you love their account and get them a few followers.

 Instagram Story Ideas When Bored 

If you are feeling bored then it is the best time to get on Instagram! We have all the amazing Instagram story ideas that you need to make your social media account more lively and happening.

Ask Me Anything Pinterest: Instagram story ideas when bored

This is one of the most popular ways to engage your followers if you are feeling a little bored on Instagram. You can make up challenges, get some witty questions and so much more! It is quite fun and engaging for everyone.

This Or That Pinterest: Instagram story ideas when bored

You can either use a template that someone else has created, or create your own questionnaires and ask your followers to use them in their stories. It can be fun stuff like — pineapple on pizza, yay or nay!

Share Your Thoughts Pexels: Instagram story ideas when bored

Have a hot take? Got some tips or tricks to share with your followers? Take it to your Instagram story! Your Instagram story can be a great place for you to present some thought leadership. Doing so will build engagement and get everyone’s attention.

Post Follower DMs Pexels: Instagram story ideas when bored

You don’t need to use the question sticker to share responses from followers as you can do it anytime. You can simply take a screenshot of their DMs to you and share that on your Instagram story. But do take permission or strike out their identity.

Drop A Quote/Meme Pinterest: Instagram story ideas when bored

Share a quote or meme you like to your Instagram story and get everyone’s attention. It can be motivational, thought-provoking, funny, or a combination of all those things.

Which of these Instagram story ideas do you wish to try out ASAP?

Feature Image Credit: Pexels


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