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Everything You Need To Know Before Going For Root Canal Treatment


Have you been advised to get a Root Canal Treatment done for the infected tooth but you don’t understand it properly? Well, then you are in for a long hour of preserving the lost soldier of your mouth by stuffing it properly. So, here are some of the basic details that you must know before going for a Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon:

  • What Exactly Is The Purpose Of A Root Canal?

The Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon is done when there is no chance for the tooth to be saved. It is the procedure of preserving the dying tooth. The procedure includes cleaning the inner tissues of the dying tooth and then stuffing them to make them reusable for chewing and speaking properly. It does not mean that your infected tooth is going to be saved because if your dentist is suggesting this treatment, then it is already too late for your poor tooth. 

The alternative for a Root Canal Treatment is getting an implant, i.e. removing the dying tooth and placing another artificial one in the hole left behind. So, you must always ask your dentist whether you actually need an RCT or not. 

  • The Next Part Of RCT- A Crown: 

If you think that getting a Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon is the end game for your infected tooth, then you are wrong. The RCT is not completed till you have gotten the Crown part covered. As we all know Enamel protects our teeth from breaking easily. So, when you get an RCT done your tooth’s inner tissues have been carved out leaving it unprotected. Therefore, a Crown is provided to the new root-canaled tooth which is a rigid covering stronger than enamel, protecting your tooth. 

  • Taking Antibiotics:

The procedure of getting a Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon can be very painful. There are many steps involved in this treatment which also include the thorough cleaning of the root canal. So, when you come to know from your dentist that you need an RCT, then you must start taking antibiotics immediately. Your dentist will provide you with a prescription for antibiotics, so make sure to take them religiously every day before the treatment. 

  • A Long Procedure:

The most difficult part for every patient getting a Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon is that it is a very long procedure where one has to keep their mouth open for hours to be treated. This treatment is done while you are conscious by numbing the tooth area to make you feel less pain with pain depressants like Ibuprofen or local anaesthetic. So, you should keep your schedule free and make your mind about keeping your mouth open to get the treatment done.

  • No Alcohol Before The Treatment:

Although taking alcoholic substances is not good for health, it is very bad when taken before the treatment. So, prepare yourself for the Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon by following a strict diet for 24 hours before the treatment. Avoid any kind of tobacco or alcohol-induced substances. This is important because to numb the area of the tooth where you are going to receive the treatment, the doctors are going to use a local anaesthetic. The presence of alcohol can have a bad effect in such situations.

  • The Cost Of The Root Canal Treatment:

This is an important section that you must take into consideration before going with a Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon. RCT costs in Gurgaon can range somewhere around Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 12,000 based on the clinic and the experience of the dentist performing the treatment for you. So, don’t make a decision for the selection of the best dental clinic only based on the costs. See the experience and the reputation of the dentist operating for a good result.  

Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

These are some of the basic information that you should know about Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon


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