What To Look for When Choosing a New Smartphone?


Choosing a new smartphone is always a rather complicated and responsible process. Today I will try to give some tips that I hope will help you make the right choice and get a new smartphone.

The choice of a new smartphone must be approached responsibly

How to make a really right choice and not regret Smartphone later. Smartphone should be remembered that when buying a new device, you need to pay attention to many factors that at first glance may seem insignificant. The average user may not know about most of these nuances, or if he knows, then not in every detail.

Unfortunately, many users make the decision too hastily. But the smartphone today is the most important device, without which it is already difficult to imagine our life, and which accompanies us throughout the day. Therefore, it is worth spending a little time choosing a model that meets all your needs.

If megapixels, megahertz, gigabytes, and inches scare you, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I will tell you what to look for when buying a smartphone. We will also try to deal with problems that are often overlooked when choosing a new device. So let’s start our story.

Price: budget, mid-range, or maybe flagship?

As always, the most common constraint when buying a new device is budget. Very often we have a certain amount that we expect to spend on the purchase of equipment, and already, based on these available funds, we are looking for a suitable model for ourselves. But strictly adhering to when choosing a particular price is not always reasonable.

Sometimes, for as little as $500-1000 extra, you can get a much better smartphone that offers more features, a better camera, or a bigger battery.

The modern smartphone market can be divided into three segments:

  • Budget smartphones (simple cheap smartphones, without any bells and whistles) – the price is from 2-3K.
  • Mid-range smartphones (mid-budget, which often have many features and, in general, pretty good cameras) – from about 5-10K.
  • Flagships (the most expensive and best-equipped devices) – from about 7-8K (devices with folding screens).

As you can see, prices vary in a very wide range – from 5-20K. But when choosing a smartphone, we must rely on common sense. Most likely, you should not consider the cheapest and most expensive models. Huawei p50 is a good choice if you are ranging somewhere between a mid-range and flagship phone.

Statistics show that mid-range models usually offer the best value for money. If you decide to buy a smartphone for about $5000, you will get a decent camera, a large and readable screen, and an efficient process that will allow you to quickly and easily perform all everyday tasks and give you the opportunity to play most mobile games. In addition, these devices sometimes even offer features that are mainly found in flagships. We are talking about fast charging systems, fingerprint scanners on the screen, or stereo speakers.


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