Advantages of Using Custom Printed Shipping Boxes for the E-Commerce Industry


Custom Printed Shipping Boxes have the potential to elevate an online purchase from ordinary to extraordinary. Would you ever be impressed with a product wrapped in air bubble packs inside a brown Styrofoam-filled box with a copy of your invoice taped to the side? Or would you rather admire a lovely, colorful box with intriguing themes and a handwritten note of thanks? This is when specialized packaging comes in handy.

Packaging boxes have become practically indispensable as e-commerce and internet shopping have grown in popularity. Because of platforms like Amazon, 75% of Americans shop online at least once a month, according to research.

One way to improve marketing, brand loyalty, and sales is to use premium packaging. One way to accomplish this is to use custom boxes and unique box printing that promotes your brand name.

What are the components of Custom Boxes?

Custom boxes are packaging or shipment boxes that are made to order in terms of size, shape, design, and printing. This method supports product differentiation from the competition as well as marketing and promotion.

What Does Having a Brand Experience Entail?

“Sensations, attitudes, cognitions, and behavioral responses produced by brand-related stimuli that are part of a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and settings,” according to the Journal of Marketing.

This is far too technical. Brand experience is, at Custom Printed Shipping Boxes most basic level, a collection of activities and experiences that elicit favorable emotions and sensations in clients.

Every interaction that adds to a favorable brand experience in the thoughts of customers is valuable, according to the definition. “It’s about generating a sensory experience that leads to a long and meaningful relationship with a business,” Chris Cavanaugh explains.

A customized packaging box is one method to express your company’s story and leave customers with a lasting impression of your brand.
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It encourages thought and gives you an edge over your competitors.

Why Would You Want to Buy a Customized Box for E-Commerce Business?

Custom packaging has numerous benefits for you and your company. Aside from clearly separating you from the competition, there are a few more benefits to adopting custom boxes:

1. Brand Recognition

You must first understand that your brand identity extends to all of your packagings. The packaging for your goods should visually convey your brand and what it stands for. It says a lot about your company’s ideals.

Customers’ impressions and experiences with your packaging are always transmitted to the product, according to Liam Curley of Business Community. It reflects negatively on your brand if your packaging is inadequate and unsightly.

2. Recognition, visibility, and differentiation

Furthermore, when two products are placed side by side without any prior information, the packaging of one of the brands is the first distinction a shopper recognizes. And, as a company, you need all of the favorable attention you can get.

Custom boxes can also be printed with your online company’s logo, tagline, and other identifying information. This alone increases the visibility of your brand and makes it easier to recognize.

Packaging is no longer just for function; it also helps to create a positive purchase experience for customers. You can stand out in a sea of brown boxes, or brands, with customized boxes.

3. Material Selection

When ordering custom boxes, you can select the type of material that best suits your products. In contrast to ready-made boxes, cardboard and Kraft paper are usually adequate substitutes.

Unlike plastics, these alternatives can be reused; they are easily recyclable, biodegrade quickly, and are completely environmentally friendly.

4. Adaptable Design

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes allow you to be more creative with your designs, which is an added benefit. You can switch out the themes and texts, as well as the forms, patterns, and colors.

You can wrap products in custom boxes for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday. This feature gives you an advantage over your competitors.

5. Consumer Points of View

People tend to associate a positive brand with themselves, resulting in brand loyalty and the retention of “repeat customers.”

Imagery, color, and typeface are all design components that can elicit strong emotions and memories in the buyer’s mind. When this happens, a product connects with clients on both an intellectual and emotional level. Emotions control our actions in almost every situation.

6. Boosting Sales

Custom boxes are a fantastic method to achieve this. Sales are also influenced by packaging. Humans are drawn to visually appealing imagery. People who are drawn to the packaging of your goods are more inclined to buy them.

MillerCoors was a perfect example of this. Changing the beer can result in a significant 5 percent rise in sales, assuming they did nothing else.

52 percent of buyers are more inclined to return to an online retailer that offers luxury packaging experiences, according to recent research performed by DotCom distribution.

What is the ROI for Custom Printed Shipping Boxes?

While some businesses may consider specialized packing or boxes to be superfluous overhead, studies and examples show otherwise. As a result, what kind of return on investment should be expected when going “custom”?

Customer loyalty and a strong brand identity bring an almost limitless number of advantages.

“The beautiful thing about the packaging is that it’s ‘always on,'” Randall Beard, a marketing and consumer packaged products expert, said in a blog post for Nielsen. It’s all dividends for years after you’ve invested. When a logo or brand design “takes off,” its value frequently rises over time.”

He claims that “the ROI is almost always much greater than practically any other marketing activities.” According to statistics and other instances, attractive packaging has a direct impact on sales, consumer loyalty, and retention.

Researchers discovered that when compared to previous and existing designs, optimal package redesigns result in a 5.5 percent increase in expected sales revenues.


When it comes to selling, the packaging isn’t everything, but it’s a great place to start. The packaging boxes are the first point of contact and exposure to your brand and what it stands for when you ship products to customers. Do not wait for the content to go. You may make a strong and lasting impact on your customers by using a custom-made box. If you are looking for reliable Custom Printed Shipping Boxes, visit Printing blue and get in touch with our team of experts.


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