What accessories do online tests for snowshoes recommend?


So that you can walk safely with snowshoes, the snowshoes are used with poles. The poles to the snowshoes are telescopic poles that you can adjust in length depending on whether you are hiking uphill, downhill, or in the plain with the snowshoes. For transport, the sticks are folded to a handy size so that they can be easily transported. how to reset kinsa thermometer the poles are also equipped with snow plates and hand straps.

Most snowshoes are so light that you can comfortably carry the snowshoes in a backpack. The backpack for the snowshoes has the shape of the snowshoes and can be worn comfortably on the back. Alternatively, you can also get a carrying bag for your snowshoes, for example, if you only want to transport the snowshoes in the car or keep the snowshoes protected.

Gaiters that you pull over your lower trouser legs will prevent your plants from getting soaked in the snow.

For maintenance, you will receive numerous spare parts as accessories, such as replacement belts for the snowshoes in how to reset kinsa thermometer different lengths or a maintenance kit for binding with screws and fasteners.
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With a shovel or snow saw, you have suitable tools at hand how to reset kinsa thermometer you want to build an igloo, for example.

The most important accessories for snowshoes are now clearly displayed in a table:

Telescopic poles

lightweight and stable



with wrist strap and ski plate


in the form of snowshoes

with waterproof roll closure

robust material such as nylon

with attachment for the poles


prevent wet trouser legs

made of breathable synthetic fibers

with elastic band and deep-drawing hook


Replacement belts in different lengths

Snowshoe extensions

Binding kit with screws and fasteners


Snow shovel

Snow saw

What should be considered when putting on snowshoes?

Before you get into the snowshoe, first open all the straps of the binding so that you can slip comfortably into the binding. best char broil performance when adjusting the snowshoes, you should make sure that your ball of the foot can be placed in the front of the binding on the bale plate in front of the crampons. The heel cap should finish with your heel. When you close the straps, start with the strap over the tension. If this is missing from your snowshoes, start with the front straps. The heel strap is closed last. You should tighten the straps so tightly that they do not slip in the binding.


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