What to Look for in a Pick Up Truck Rental in Dubai


You want to go on a road trip in Dubai, but you don’t have your own car with you—that’s OK! There are plenty of options for getting around in this desert city, and we’re here to help with our guide on what to look for in a pick up rental dubai. Whether you need it just for one day or two weeks, you’ll get the most bang out of your buck if you know what to look for when booking! Take a look at our top five tips below, and then book your pick up truck rental right here!

The Maintenance You Need

There are some parts of a rental that you won’t have any control over, and one of them is maintenance. Before you book your pickup truck rental with us, here’s what we want you to know about it: We will deliver your vehicle clean, but there may be some wear-and-tear visible. Our vehicles are always safe to drive and we do our best to keep them as new as possible—which means that in some cases, repair work may be needed before your trip is complete. You can either return it at an earlier time or opt for one of our longer contracts. Either way, your safety is always our priority so please let us know if there’s ever anything wrong with it. We can get any repairs done quickly!

How Long Can You Rent?

When you rent a truck, make sure you know how long you have it. Short-term rentals are more expensive per day than longer-term ones, but they can be cost-effective if you only need them occasionally. If you’re going to need one every few weeks or months, however, it could be worth leasing or buying your own vehicle instead of renting each time. Longer rentals also give you more options for your trip: If your rental term is five days, for example, you could use that time on one weekend trip—or two shorter ones.

When Can You Return the Vehicle?

One of most important factors when you are renting a car is whether or not you will be able to return it on time. If your trip is too short and you can’t afford an extra day, check with your rental company before booking your trip. Some companies let you drop off your vehicle at an airport location that is nearby, while others charge hundreds of dollars if you do not return it on time. Be sure that you know what their policies are when determining which rental company you choose. If early returns aren’t possible, decide if dropping off at another location can work for your schedule or look into extended-stay rates (if available).

Insurance Cover

A rental truck is an expensive piece of equipment, so naturally you want to ensure that you’re adequately covered by insurance. All pickup truck rental companies will offer insurance cover, but it may not be sufficient. It’s worth comparing various levels of cover and other features, such as roadside assistance. Also make sure you don’t choose an insurance option that will leave you liable if another vehicle is damaged or hurt during your trip – most companies offer free liability protection on their trucks and won’t ask about drivers who don’t use their own vehicles for trips.

Car Tax and Breakdown Cover

If you’re only planning on renting a car while you’re away, then consider paying extra for one-way car tax and breakdown cover. If your holiday goes wrong, it could be very expensive if you have to recover from an accident without help. Usually car hire firms won’t pay out unless there has been damage caused by an accident with another vehicle (including any animal, pedestrian or road debris). So, if your rented car breaks down or gets stolen and there is no damage to anything else, you could be liable for all costs yourself!
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It pays to check whether the company provides breakdown cover.


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