VMail Exchange EDB Converter for Corrupted EDB file- BEST SOFTWARE TO CONVERT EDB FILE TO PST


Today, we are going to explore a wonderful software and that name is EDB to PST Converter Software, and it’s launched by VSoftware. This Software gives a guarantee for safe and powerful transformation from any EDB file version. The software export EDB data straightforwardly to live Exchange Servers and Office 365. Let’s take tour of Vmail Exchange Migration Software and check whether How this software finishes the work as it guarantees.

So first we know that. what the reason, why we need this software like Vmail Exchange Converter for EDB when we can export mailboxes, from Exchange Server directly with the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) or by using PowerShell?

If you use the native tools for your work, you need to have your Exchange Server on the web and the mounted database are able to export. On the off chance that this isn’t true, aside from having your users banging on the IT doors to get the access their mails, you cannot able to export the messages. This is where Vmail Exchange Converter for EDB becomes possibly the most important factor.


Vmail Exchange EDB to PST Converter installation is very simple, since the installation file was not so bigger. It can be easily installed in any machine, and not expected to be introduced on the Exchange Server.
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As a matter of fact, I am utilizing it on a Windows 10 machine without any issues.

Click on the Browse Button

Select and open the EDB file

EDB to PST Converter software offers only one option to open an Exchange mailbox database – offline Exchange Database. So, what is an offline database?

It could be a database that is not mounted due to licenses overuse in the Exchange Server Standard edition, where you have more than five mailbox databases.
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An EDB file restored from an old Exchange Server.

An EDB from a failed server which is failing to boot, either from faulty hardware or software.

After that Press the Next Button and started Analysis of Selected EDB files (Software auto automatically started file scanning process. After few min or sec.)

The Interface

Let’s have a look of interface briefly, I truly appreciate the fact the majority of the useful functionality is visible on a same screen, without any complications or having a few buttons on the screen. The interface is very clean and super minimalist, but not lacking any functionality.

Export Capabilities

The software is said to export to various file formats, Exchange Server, Office 365, Public /protected and private Folders. After testing, it does not disappoint at all.

Once you click on Export Button, it will be asked what type of exportation you would like. Apart from the file saving options –  PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, HTML, MHTML, PDF, RTF and vCard Formats.


I am very surprised how the software fulfilled all promises. The software works flawlessly with all the functionalities without difficulty. It offers all the functionalities that one would need – opening EDB file, browse through it with a known interface, search functionality, and export to various file formats and software, like direct import into live Exchange Servers, Office 365, Public and private Folders. It is a Software is worthy for any Exchange Administrator.

Read More:https://www.vsoftware.org/edb-to-pst-converter.html


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