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Marriage decisions are more important than commercial transactions. Because the destiny of two people and their families depends on the selection of the person who you will marry. Remember that your spouse will be your companion in any situation. In everything like ups and downs, joys and sorrows, sickness, success and failure. 

So, if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life repenting, don’t rush into a marriage. Accordingly, find a perfect match through a reputable Parsi matrimonial platform, ensuring they are compatible with your and your family’s requirements.


With the Betterhalf Parsi matrimonial services, you can find a soulmate from your Parsi community. They also assist you in finding your perfect life partner!

Betterhalf is India’s first and only AI-powered new-age matrimonial portal for Indians. They help their users in finding a perfect Parsi Bride or Groom based on their preferences! You are free to make your selection at Betterhalf!

They offer a wide pool of verified profiles of Parsi brides and grooms. Most of them are from various Parsi groups such as Parsi, Irani, Leva Patel, Catholic, Roman-Catholic, Rajput, and others. With Betterhalf Parsi Matrimonial, you may find your future life partner from anywhere in India.

So, if you’re seeking a Parsi bride or groom, sign up with Betterhalf Parsi Matrimonial and begin your search!

Parsi Matrimony

ParsiMatrimony, a branch of BharatMatrimony – has assisted thousands of Parsis like you in finding matches. The matches are from various communities such as Parsi, Irani, Rajput, Leva Patel, Bohra, and Kulin.

Over the last 22 years, ParsiMatrimony has assisted thousands of Parsis in finding their life spouse. ParsiMatrimony is a subsidiary of BharatMatrimony, which is also India’s most reputable matrimonial agency.

ParsiMatrimony is the first choice for thousands of Parsis around the world who are seeking a life partner. Thousands of Parsi profiles are from major cities, states, and cities in India that might help you discover your mate.

LoveVivah is one of India’s leading matrimony websites where you can look for prospective Parsi brides and grooms. They are one of the most reputable Parsi Matrimonial websites. LoveVivah has the most authentic Parsi brides and grooms who are seeking marriage on their website. They are the kind of platform where you may search for profiles from the Parsi community. 

This community is predominantly concentrated in Mumbai. They are also in a few towns and villages to the north of the city. These individuals are mostly from the places like Gujarat and Bangalore. Discover your perfect match in communities such as Daruwala, Dalal, Mehta, Mooga, Tata, Godrej, Wadia, and many more. Join for free today to begin your search with ease., India’s best-known brand and the world’s largest matrimonial service, is the largest and most reputable site for Parsi matrimonials. They have more than millions of Parsi marriage profiles. The founders created the platform with a basic goal in mind: to assist individuals in finding happiness. has a world-renowned service that has affected over 35 million people. Accordingly, by transforming the way Parsi women and grooms meet for marriage. has more than 10,000 Parsi matrimonial profiles. The majority of them are from Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and from other popular metro cities. These profiles are generally Gujarati or Hindi speakers with jobs such as Finance Professional, Web Designer, Training Professional, Consultant, and so on.

Parsi marriages are sacred and pure, including ceremonies like Achoo Michoo, Var Behendoo, Ara Antar, Haathevaro, and so on. has helped over 1,000 Parsi Matrimonial profiles find their soulmates.

Matrimonials India

MatrimonialsIndia has over 1 lakh Parsi profiles registered. The majority of these profiles are from Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and other cities in India. This portal has several Parsi profiles that speak Gujarati, Parsi, English, and other languages. You can also search for Parsi profiles with occupations such as Business / Consultant, Banking & Finance, Corporate, and so on for your Parsi Matrimonial.

A Parsi marriage involves several rituals like Achoo Michoo, Var Behendoo, Ara Antar, and Haathevaro. On MatrimonialsIndia, over 1 lakh Parsi profiles have met their perfect partner. So, look through the Parsi profiles on our dating service to locate your Parsi life mate.


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