Tips You should know before buying Wooden Blinds


When you are planning to buy a new set of blinds for your windows, there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind. These include the slat size, materials used, and cost. Read on to discover the top tips on buying wooden blinds. There are several benefits of using wood for blinds. Also, wood has a timeless beauty. Buying these wooden blinds will make your home look more beautiful and inviting.

Perfect fit

If you’re looking for a new blind for your windows but don’t want to spend too much money, consider Perfect wooden blinds for the shop. They combine the timeless elegance of real wood with a modern blind mechanism for a sleek and hassle-free installation. Perfect Fit wooden blinds clip right onto your window frame, making installation a breeze. Choose from natural or stained wooden shades to suit your home’s interior and operate with a wand to adjust the height and angle of the blind.

When choosing wooden blinds for your windows, remember that the measurements you take should be precise. You should measure your window width in three places – the top, middle and bottom. Then, select the closest size to that measurement. In case you’re unsure of the dimensions, make sure to take a measuring tape made of steel because it’s more accurate. If you’re installing the blind inside the window frame, remember to deduct 1/2 inch from the overall width of the window.

Slat sizes of wooden blinds

Slat sizes of wooden blinds can vary widely. Smaller slats allow more light to filter into the room, while larger slats block more light. If your room faces a north or east direction, choose a smaller slat size. Smaller slats may also cost more, but they are more energy-efficient and require less space between them. But be aware that they won’t block all of the light when closed.

One of the most common questions people ask is, “How wide are the slats on wooden blinds?” Most people mean this question in a more practical way, referring to the depth of the slat from front to back. But this measurement can be confusing for many people, so let’s explain the concept in more detail. Wooden blinds come in a variety of slat sizes, including 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm.


Wooden blinds are often made from natural hardwoods, but faux wood is available in many designs and is a cheaper alternative to the real thing. Both types add a warm, rustic look to a room and will not bend or bow like vinyl, plastic or other synthetic materials. Real wood blinds are also easy to operate and are the ideal choice for warm spaces. However, the cost of genuine wood blinds can run up to 5 per window, so these types aren’t for the budget-conscious builder.
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If your budget allows, go with real wood blinds, which are often made of genuine hardwood. They will last longer and retain their natural strength and charm. In addition, you can coordinate them with the style of the rest of your homes, such as interior window casings and mouldings. Additionally, you can find blinds made of real wood in different finishes and slat sizes, and add decorative tapes and cornices to further customize the look.

Cost of wooden blinds

The cost of wooden blinds varies considerably, from the standard 24″ x 36″ size to the custom-made varieties. The average price for blinds is higher than for ready-made versions, though. However, made-to-measure blinds can eliminate the need to measure for a straight line and difficult decisions. Even if you’re purchasing custom-made blinds, the cost increase isn’t always that significant.

The price of wooden blinds depends on the material used to make them. Wood and other materials are more expensive than artificial ones, and the quality of these materials increases with price. Avoid using cheap materials as these can negatively affect the durability and appearance of your blinds. Experts recommend purchasing premium-quality blinds, which will withstand the harsh environment. They also look classy. The price of wooden blinds may vary, but these benefits can justify the extra cost.


To clean your wooden blinds properly, use a damp cloth. Wiping hard-bristled brushes or using water can cause damage. When dusting your blinds, be gentle and avoid rubbing them. Only clean them when they become dirty, and make sure you don’t over-distribute the dirt. If you do find that the wood blinds have lost their sheen, use lemon oil or wood conditioner to restore them. Always remember to apply these products evenly to avoid damage to the wood or hardware.

Using mild cleaner and warm water, gently scrub your wooden blinds with a rag. You can also apply silicone grease to improve performance. Once you have finished cleaning your wooden blinds, dry them thoroughly. Wooden blinds add a warm and welcoming feeling to a room and can be used in commercial settings, too. Cleaning them regularly can help prolong the life of your wooden blinds. The tips above are applicable to any type of wood blind. To see the working of wooden blinds see


A study on the ventilation of wooden blinds has shown that this material has excellent thermal and moisture resistance. As a result, it can improve thermal and humidity comfort. In addition, it can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the room. A study conducted in China found that the ventilation of wooden blinds improved with height, slat angle, and cavity thickness. This study was performed on a standard laptop with a dual-core processor and a Win 7 operating system.

In addition, the natural properties of wood make it a good insulator. The wood-based blinds maintain a constant temperature in a room, thereby reducing the energy bill. They are strong and durable, and they are an excellent investment. They can even be made to match the surrounding design and ambience. In addition, they can be made to fit any window, including trapeze windows. To achieve a perfect fit between ceiling and wall, Piet Boon by Zonnelux’s blinds feature angled cord knobs.


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