Almost every one of us suffers from some kind of hair problem in our daily life. The reason for this problem is numerous, whether a badly polluted environment, a busy and stressful daily life, or even the genetic tendencies that have been passed on to us from our ancestors. You might have tried various products but if you are still not able to find the solution, then best hair loss treatment time to trust the experts and leave the issue to them. 

Modern medical science has developed many solutions and treatments for hair fall issues, one of which is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Fall Treatment. It is one of the trusted solutions of doctors and has shown great results.

What Is PRP Hair Fall Treatment? Who Can Opt For It?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Fall Treatment Treatment is one of the best ways of letting your body help with the reduction and prevention of hair loss. This treatment is very ideal and the procedure is simple to grasp. A special substance is drawn from the patient’s blood, mainly from their hand, and injected into their scalp to stimulate the growth of hair and thus reduce hair fall. They are most suitable for people with severe hair loss and hair fall problems.

How Does This Treatment Work?

The blood in our body consists of three kinds of substances, one being the red blood cells, the other white blood cells, and the third one is plasma. The plasma part contains platelets which are very nutritional and also have proteins, water, and salts in them. During the PRP Hair Fall Treatment, from the platelets and plasma part, a kind of substance is drawn from the blood of the patient and then injected into the scalp. This substance then works toward healing the hair follicles and other bodily parts which are essential for hair growth. The mechanism used to extract blood from the patient is known as the “Centrifuge-like mechanism.” This mechanism removes the substance needed to be injected from the blood and also helps in increasing the concentration of various nutrients for much better healing. The injection area is decided based on the level of the hair follicles found on the patient’s scalp. Most hair transplant clinics extract blood from the arm of the patient for treatment.

Benefits Of Getting PRP Hair Fall Treatment Done:

Various factors make this treatment a successful one for patients with hair fall issues. Some of them are:

  • Less Painful Treatment:

PRP Treatment is a non-surgical treatment which makes it a better option for the people who are afraid of getting treated in hospitals and clinics. The procedure does not require many complications and thus does not cause much discomfort to the patients. The slightly painful situation is very similar to the ones we feel while getting our blood tests taken during regular check-ups. So, it is a perfect hair loss treatment in Kolkata. 

  • No Worries Of Rejections:

As the whole procedure of PRP Hair Fall Treatment includes injecting a nutrient substance taken from the patient’s body, thus there is no risk of any kind of rejection. It also does not become the cause of allergies in the body during and after the treatment. This makes it a very safe treatment done at the hair transplant and hair loss treatment clinics. 

  • Non-Surgical Treatment:

One of the best parts about this treatment is that it is a non-surgical treatment. Hence you won’t be left with any kind of surgical scars or marks after the treatments. There are no cuts done to your body, only injections are involved that do not leave behind marks. It is also a reason for the almost painless treatment. 

  • Instant Results:

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment does not require any amount of time for the visual effects of the early outcome. After the treatment is completed, you will be able to notice the change in your hairline instantly. About three months are needed for the treatment to be completed and by that time you will be able to see positive effects in the line of your hair follicles. The complete results are visible around one year of the treatment. You will notice a good reduction in hair loss along with stimulation of hair growth.

  • No Extra Time-Out:

One of the worries of every person considering a hair loss treatment is the amount of time they would have to spend for the treatment as well as after the treatment, i.e. the recovery period. But, this section is not important for PRP Hair Fall Treatment. The treatment is so easy and painless, that you won’t have to take extra time off your work and other duties such as recovery time. 

You can easily go off with your work instantly with the treatment. So if you are suffering from severe hair loss, then PRP Hair fall Treatment is the right choice.

If you are looking for the best hair loss treatment in Kolkata, Guwahati, or Jorhat then, Dr Paul’s Clinic is the perfect option. Various kinds of hair treatments are done here and you can choose one as per your condition.


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