Tips To Improve English Speaking for IELTS Test?


Speaking for IELTS Test

You feel very anxious or uncomfortable when speaking in English. Don’t worry, it’s quite common and normal. Here, you are correct point in this article we highlight tips to improve English Speaking for IELTS test.

It’s always difficult to have a conversation in a language other than your native language. Unlike your mother tongue, a foreign or second language – like English is for you – requires extra effort; especially if you are not surrounded by them on a daily basis.

English Speaking for IELTS

Tips To Improve English Speaking

Also, unlike reading and writing where you usually have time to think and understand, speaking puts you under pressure. Some say it’s anxiety; some say it’s shyness; others say it is the fear of being judged. Whatever the reason, many experts rightly claim that speaking is the very last skill a learner can master when learning a new language – this is illustrated by the meme picture below.

Improve Your English Speaking for IELTS Test

As a result, this is the main reason why most of the students are often stressed or panic about the IELTS Speaking task. Although this study shows that alcohol (in moderation) helps you speak foreign languages ​​better, drinking before your IELTS exam is not recommended for obvious reasons – seriously, don’t even try.

Instead, you can try these easy and effective ways to improve your English skills AND your IELTS speaking performance.

Surround Yourself with The English Language

Expose yourself to daily English as much as possible. What I mean is you have to listen to English every day. You can do this by listening to the radio and music in English. You should also watch movies or your favorite series or YouTube videos in English, with English subtitles if you need them. Find what interests you the most and watch it again and again. So, most of the people find that they need to understand more each time. As a result, you will learn new vocabulary, idioms, slang, pronunciation and even improve your listening skills.

Listening to English helps you familiarize yourself with the rhythm and intonation of English. After listening, you must imitate the sounds you hear so that you can reproduce them as you speak. Watch how native English speaker Dina speaks in the IELTS Elephant course or IELTS related videos on YouTube.
By doing this, you will see that the IELTS test will eventually become less difficult.

Sing Along to English Songs

Listen to music in English and sing your favorite English song. Music is one of the best and most enjoyable language learning methods for becoming more fluent and learning how to use intonation in English pronunciation. Listening to songs in English for better understand and accent and singing songs repeatedly will also help you remember vocabulary and phrases. If you think about it, a song sticks in our minds much easier and faster than trying to learn and memorize isolated vocabulary!

Singing songs will also help you learn to reproduce the English rhythm more naturally. By imitating the singer, you will learn to pronounce phrases like native speakers do.

Think in English

speak English is actually a process of translation. Firstly, thinking in your tongue language and then trying to speak in English. You should try to avoid translating as it’s not an effective way to have a conversation – you’re more likely to make grammatical mistakes and you can get stressed out that you can’t immediately find the phrases and words you need. Mentally translating is not an efficient way to speak English.

Instead, try to think in English. Practice using English when thinking about your day, for example. It also helps when learning new vocabulary to learn the meaning in English instead of looking up the word in your native language. You will find that it is easier to speak English when you think in English.

Have a conversation with a native English speaker

Practicing with a native English speaker will put you in a real speaking situation. By doing this regularly, you will quickly get used to being under the “pressure” to have a real conversation in English and your fear of being judged will soon disappear. Of course, it will also help you to stress less during the IELTS Speaking test.

Take advantage of every opportunity to chat with a native English speaker. There may be a club in your area that you can join. It’s a great way to get to know people informally. If that’s not an option, consider hiring a private tutor. Many students choose the online courses offered by IELTS Elephant. Not only will you practice your spoken English, but you will also be assessed on your IELTS speaking performance by a trained IELTS examiner.

Focus On Fluidity

Challenge yourself to speak without stopping or stuttering (pausing between your words) and avoid uh… uh… This makes you less confident and you will lose points on the IELTS Speaking test.

Don’t worry about grammar mistakes. If you focus on speaking fluently instead of speaking well, you will always be understood and sound better.

You should know about the IELTS test in this test, scholars can do better performance by speak with using expressions and speak out with fluently, clearly and confident

Do You Speak

Whenever you are alone, you can improve your English by speaking to yourself! Talk about everything, for example your thoughts, your day. The simple act of speaking out loud will help you become more comfortable speaking English.

You can even use a mirror to make it look like you’re talking to someone – you can pretend you’re having a chat with a friend or… the IELTS examiner.

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