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Age-Related Eye Problems: Conjunctivitis And Corneal Disease


Conjunctivitis And Corneal Disease, optometrist Los Angeles CA

Conjunctivitis is when the sclera, the transparent white membrane of your eyes, becomes inflamed or infected. This results in a burning or itchy eye that looks red and tears up a lot. You’ll also feel as if your eyes have specks of dust or sand. Conjunctivitis can happen to anyone because of an infection or after being exposed to chemicals or eye irritants.
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The corneal disease affects the eye’s cornea which is the part of the eye that covers the pupil and helps the eyes to focus on light. There are many things that can damage the cornea including exposure to harmful chemicals, infections, eye trauma, or autoimmune diseases. Some symptoms of the corneal disease include blurred vision, eye pains, or extreme sensitivity to light. For treatment, a doctor will prescribe eye drops if it’s not too serious or surgery if it has gotten worse.

Eyelid problems prevent it from performing its job well. This means your eyes will no longer have the support and protection that the eyelids provide. Common symptoms include itching, eye pain, or drooping of eyelids. Eyelids can also twitch when they’re damaged or inflamed.
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When this happens, some medications may help. If not, your optometrist Los Angeles, CA will recommend surgery.


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