Things You Should Take into Consideration for A Full House Rewiring


Does your property need a rewiring? Has a property been already rewired? At times these factors become more relevant than anything else. How will you ascertain these factors in such circumstances?House Rewiring Let us find those out in the following paragraphs.

Whether your home needs a fresh electrical wiring is a major consideration by all means. Depending on this decision you have to kick start a renovation project. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a home that is above 25 years of age. In that case House Rewiring is essential to first make the necessary investigations on the health of its existing wiring. Based on the outcome you should decide about buying. 

When you check out this factor through a proper and timely survey, you get clear picture about how much work needs to be done. In other words, you also get a clear-cut idea about the cost and can plan your budget accordingly. There is no way to deny electrical rewiring projects are not only messy but also disruptive. Therefore, you need a substantial budget to remake the walls and ceilings once the rewiring is complete. It is also not possible to hold back rewiring of home. You cannot even afford doing it within the least minimum cost. Quality has to be maintained throughout the project to ensure your safety as well as that of your household members and the property itself. If quality wiring is not done there is always the risk of electrical fires, short circuits and shocks. Quality electrical work is expensive.

From a renovator’s perspective what are the factors one should know about rewiring homes? Let us find out.

When should you rewire your home?

A residential property needs to be rewired because of many reasons, like –

The property has not been rewired in the last 25 to 30 years. Such a home has high chances of dire needs for an upgrade. House Rewiring can be upgraded in parts to bring it up to the latest standards. The wiring must be in a dilapidated state and it may not be fit enough to cater to the demands of contemporary living. 

If your home remodelling plan involves any major work that brings about material alteration as per the definition of the Building Regulations, then too chances are high to rewire the property. In such circumstance you can rewire it at least in part. While rewiring it is essential to replace and upgrade the consumer unit or fuse box as well in such circumstances.

If you have undertaken a project of extending your home – which includes converting a garage or an attic – it constitutes new work. Thus, all the wiring must conform to the Part P of Electrical Safety. This upgrading the wiring or rewiring becomes essential to ensure it can safely carry the excess load of current. Moreover, it also needs to be ensured proper earth binding exists and the cross bonding is reliable and satisfactory.

If you have taken up remodelling or extending then the rest of your wiring does not need to be upgraded. However, upgrade is needed on selective aspects as required by energy efficiency requirements mentioned in the Building Regulations.

Signs that say a property has been rewired

An inspection across only the exposed portion of wiring tells whether the property has recently been rewired or not. To confirm your conclusion, you should also take a look at the property’s fuse box or consumer unit and the electricity meter. Homebuyers can easily perform this check themselves. When you are being shown around, just ask to show you around the meter box and the fuse box. Obviously, you are going to keep the eyes open during the tour. If you discover those old styled fuse box with those big and white fuses made of ceramic, then chances are high the property is in need to a full rewiring.

Another pretty obvious sign of rewiring is a mix and match of various types of sockets and switches. However, this may say partial rewire has been done. You can be certain about it if you come across wiring mounted on the surface while running along skirting boards as well as the up walls. Although chances are rare, but you may come across properties having old round pin sockets or original dolly switches. Such signs denote the property has not been rewired in decades and complete rewire is more than necessary to comply with the last’s regulations.

The style and the colour of cabling also shed much light about the wiring of a building. You can see these specimens around the fuse box as well as at light fittings. In the ongoing times electrical installations are wired in PVCu insulated cable which comes in the colour of either grey or white. Along with that there will be modern protective devices in form of circuit breakers and residual currents devices or RCDs.

What if a property has not been rewired?

A rewire is needed unless the wiring is done in modern PVCu coated variety. In the older times rubber insulated, lead insulated and fabric insulated cabling were in use. If a property has any of these kinds of cabling, then a thorough rewire is needed. These old dated insulations may rot or simply break down. In such circumstances chances of electrocution, electrical fire and short circuit are pretty high. Modern PVCu cables have a twin earthed cabling. In this variety of PVCu cables a second cable runs within the outer sleeve. If the PVCu cables used in wiring do not have this feature then it is clear those PVCu cables belong to the earlier version and need to be replaced. But unearthing this is not easy as you need removing a socket faceplate or a switch to take a closer look.

Trained and licensed electricians with years of experience in full house rewiring in London have a much simpler solution to avoid all complexities. According to hem if you are ever in any doubt just assume the property requires a total rewiring. Thus, you prepare accordingly and set up a sufficient budget for the upcoming project.


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