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The Jerusalem Post is a daily broadsheet newspaper based in Jerusalem, Israel. The paper was establish in 1932 under the British Mandate of Palestine by Gershon Agron. It was originally called The Palestine Post, but it change its name to The Jerusalem Post in 1950. It focuses on current affairs and features stories relating to Israel. The paper’s content is both national and international. In recent years, the Post has branched out into news and sport.

In addition to its English-language publication, the Jerusalem Post publishes a weekly supplement in Hebrew. The weekly newspaper is publish from Sunday to Friday, except on Jewish holidays. Some of the Jerusalem Post’s material is translate into Hebrew and is distribute to Jews in Israel and the diaspora. The Post also has a bilingual website, allowing readers to read the original Hebrew edition free of charge. It is a popular choice for people intereste in Israel.
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The Jerusalem Post was known as the Palestine Bulletin from 1925 to 1950.

It was the first independent English-language daily newspaper in the Holy Land. The paper was founde by Gershon Agronsky, a Jewish entrepreneur who had been an aide to former prime minister Naftali Bennett. The Post was solds to a Canadian newspaper chain in 1995. The newspaper continues to publish in Hebrew and in Arabic. The publisher is a nonprofit organization, the Histadrut.

Earlier in 1998, Hollinger sold the Jerusalem Post to Mirkaei Tikshoret Ltd., a Tel Aviv-based publisher of Israeli newspapers. After Mirkaei pulled out of the deal, CanWest Global Communications bought the Jerusalem Post and made an agreement to buy a 50 percent stake. The company sued Mirkaei, resulting in a resale of the paper.

The Jerusalem Post published in English until 1950. It was originally call the Palestine Bulletin.

In 1948, it changed its name to the Jerusalem Post. The paper’s target audience was the English-speaking community in Palestine, as well as local Arabs.
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It was also widely reading by Christian pilgrims. In April 1944, it was solds to the Histadrut. It is still publish today. The publication was seize by the Israeli government, but later was return to the Israeli government.

The Jerusalem Post is an English-language daily newspaper in Israel. Originally known as the Palestine Post, the paper adopted its current name. It has been the country’s largest English-language newspaper, focusing on foreign affairs and Arab-Israeli relations. Its French-language edition is base on its weakens edition and is publish on Sundays and on Saturdays. It is one of the most widely-read newspapers in the country.

The Jerusalem Post’s editorial board is composedof two different editors.

Yaakov Katz, a former Naftali Bennett aide, is the new editor-in-chief. As of May 2015, the Jerusalem Post has an ad-free policy, though it is not the only newspaper in Israel. Some of its articles are in Hebrew, with English subtitles. The Israeli government’s legal system is govern by a separate law than the US.

The Jerusalem Post was known as the Palestine Bulletin until 1950. It was founde by Gershom Argon, who had purchase the Palestine Bulletin in 1925 and incorporate it. In 1955, he became the city’s mayor. The Post focuses on local and world affairs, but it also publishes French editions. The paper is the only English-language newspaper in the country. Until February 1948, the Jerusalem Post was the only English-language daily in the city.

The Jerusalem Post was formerly known as the Palestine Bulletin.

But it changed its name to The Jerusalem Post in 1950. In 1954, the Post’s name was change to reflect its independence from the British Mandate. During the war, the newspaper often criticized the British Mandate and censorship. Ultimately, the Israeli government bought the paper. During the conflict, the newspaper continued to operate in the English language.

The Jerusalem Post is now back online after being taken offline by hackers. The hacker’s attack was revealer as a result of a botched publication of the newspaper by Iranian operatives. The website was temporarily unavailable on Monday, Dec. 9 but resumed publication after no. 151 (June 8, 1920). Although the hacker did not make any attempts to harm the newspaper, the problem remains. There were no reprints of the publication, but the newspaper later restored it.


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