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The Skook News Obituaries published a list of obituaries on January 25th for people whose loved ones passed away. The deceased were from Schuylkill county and included people from the surrounding areas. For example, James John Stednick of Orwigsburg, PA, passed away. He was 85 years old and had been married to Betty Oler for 60 years. The obituary also listed his children and grandchildren.

Clara L. Becker, 79, passed away on February 5th at the Orwigsburg Center in Pottsville. She was a member of St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish and retired from Argo Mills in 1992. She is survive by her son, Brian Rauenzahn, and his wife, Lori Hartman. She is also survive by her seven grandchildren, one great grandchild, and two great grandchildren.

Doris Marie Willhoyte, 82, passed away on January 28th Skook News Obituaries.

He was born in Auburn and was the daughter of John and Mildred (Sterner) Seltzer. She was the last surviving member of her immediate family. She was a 1946 graduate of Auburn High School. He was a retired businesswoman from U.S. Pizza. The obituary for Mrs. Willhoyte was publish by the Skook News.

William F. “Buck” Delinsky, 65, died peacefully on December 27th in Pottsville. He was a member of St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish and the PIAA. Her was a member of the American Legion Post 74 in Mahanoy City. He loved playing darts and was active in the VFW and Citizens Fire Company #2. He also loved going to the casino and dirt track racing.

Mary Annette Menchefsky, 70, of Skook, died on December 28th Skook News Obituaries.

She was born in Pottsville on March 4, 1940. He was the daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth Komanitsky. She worked for Argo Mills and was a member of the church. She is survived by her husband, son Brian, and two grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Besides her husband, she was predecease by her parents and brother, Charles and Elizabeth.

Maryanne M. Delinsky, 70, died peacefully in her sleep on January 17th. He was born in Pottsville, PA on November 10, 1951. She attended Central Catholic High School. She graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor’s degree in education.
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He was a software support technician for View Point in Portland, OR. Her obituary was written on February 25th, 2019.

Several Skook residents have lost loved ones in recent weeks.

In one instance, a woman who passed away peacefully on January 17th was the widow of Richard D. Rauenzahn. Despite her age, she was a beloved member of the community. She was a devoted member of Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish. She worked at Argo Mills until she retired in 1992. Her children, Kevin and Audra Rauenzahn, and her husband Charles, are survived by three grandchildren. In addition, she had two great-grandchildren.

Sadly, the obituaries for her husband, wife, and mother have also been adde. In the case of John Dalinsky, a member of the St. Patrick’s Orthodox Church in Pottsville, she passed away peacefully on December 17th at the age of 74. Throughout her life, her family supported her and cherished him. A family member of hers was a loving and supportive partner, and she and her husband were very close.

A beloved husband and father of six, Floyd M. “Buck” Seltzer, Sr., passed away peacefully on January 28th.

He was born in Pottsville on March 4, 1940. She was the wife of Richard D. Rauenzahn, Sr. She had been married for 61 years. He is survive by his wife, Shirley Miller, and their three children, Brian Rauenzahn and Kevin. She was also survive by her sons, Corrin Kegolis and his two grandchildren.

Therefore Pauline J. Budwash, a former Avon representative, passed away on January 31, 2022. She was married to Roger Brode for 39 years. She was born in Coaldale, PA on July 26, 1954. He attended Hazleton Vocational Technical School. She worked at local garment factories and was a member of the St. Teresa of Calcutta Church. She is survive by her sons and a daughter.


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