The Ideal Temperature For Sleeping A Baby: Everything You Need To Know


The best temperature for sleeping  baby

If you’re planning to put your baby to sleep, you need to know the ideal temperature for him/her. Generally, a room temperature of 18 to 22 degrees is ideal. Babies regulate their body temperature through their heads, so they will feel most comfortable lying on their backs with their heads exposed. The best room temperature for a sleeping newborn is 22 to 24 degree Celsius . To ensure a comfortable sleeping environment, you can dress your baby with sleeping bags or blankets. You can dress the bag with extra layers under the arms and on the tummy. 

Factors to consider when choosing the right temperature for your baby 

When you are choosing the correct room temperature for your baby, there are several factors that you should consider. If your baby is acting as if it is cold, it is likely not too cold. The right temperature for your baby’s room depends on its age and weight. For instance, if your baby is too cold, it might cause you to spend more money to buy more blankets and other things. The temperature of your baby’s room should not exceed 78 degrees Fahrenheit. During the early stages, you should make sure your baby is warm enough to sleep. You can use a sleep sack or a swaddle blanket. Your baby’s body temperature is different from yours, so you should always check your child’s skin temperature with a digital thermometer to make sure they’re comfortable. 

How to create a cozy, sound asleep environment for your baby?

If you want to provide your baby with the most relaxing sleep possible, keep in mind a few tips. First, keep the room cool and not too hot. Make sure that your baby is dressed appropriately, too, and not over bundled. Babies should sleep at a temperature similar to yours, but they may need an additional layer, depending on whether the room is air-conditioned or not. 

In case of doubt, try checking the temperature of your baby’s head or stomach to ensure the perfect temperature. The lack of light signals your baby that it is time to sleep. The absence of light allows biological reactions to occur, including the release of the sleep hormone Melatonin. As your baby develops, you can adjust the room to accommodate him or her. 

What is the ideal temperature for sleeping a baby? 

Although 78 degrees is considered too hot for a baby to sleep in, a gentle breeze can help cool the room, which can help a baby sleep. Nonetheless, parents must be careful not to lower the temperature too low, because a cold room can wake up a child, as their body fights to stay warm. Experts recommend that the room temperature should be around 68 degrees, but experiment to find what your baby is comfortable with.


There are several different factors that determine the right temperature for sleeping a baby. Parents should follow certain guidelines when dressing their baby in warmer environments. The temperature should feel warm to the touch, but not clammy or sweaty. Temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day, and your baby’s clothing may need to change to match.


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