Sleep Disorders Types and Treatments


Many people experience sleep-related difficulties during their lifetime. In this article, we’ll discuss the various types of sleep disorders and their treatments. You’ll learn more about Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation, and discover the best treatment options for each. If you feel that your sleep is not as restful as Sleep Disorders should be, it’s time to consult a healthcare provider who specializes in sleep medicine. 

How many types of sleep disorders are there?

There are several types of sleep disorders. The top ones are:

  • Insomnia.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Restless legs syndrome.
  • Narcolepsy.

Sleep deprivation is the result of not getting enough sleep at night. When you do not get enough sleep, you accrue sleep debt, which can negatively impact your health. Lack of sleep reduces the immune system and makes you prone to many health problems. Not only is it bad for your overall health, but it can also lead to chronic illnesses and increase your risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Poor sleep may also lead to more stress and less energy throughout the day.

Insomnia and sleep disorders types and treatment options vary depending on the severity of the condition. Short-term insomnia, which lasts only a couple of nights, can be treated with simple sleep hygiene interventions. However, long-term insomnia, which lasts for at least three weeks, is typically diagnosed by a sleep specialist. These experts include psychiatrists, pulmonologists, and neurologists. While no one knows exactly what causes insomnia, there are several common causes and treatments. There are also various types of treatments to fix your sleep schedule

How Much Sleep Do You need?

Experts recommend adults sleep between seven and nine hours per night. However, some people need more or less. According to a recent National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America survey, adults aged 18-54 sleep on average 6.4 hours per night during the weekdays and 7.7 on weekends. Over the last several years, there has been a decline in sleep time. People who sleep less often tend to use the internet more at night, or bring work home from work.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, older adults (55-84) get seven hours of sleep per night on weekdays, and 7.1 hours each weekend. The most common causes of insomnia in older adults are the need to go to the toilet and pain or discomfort.

Treatment Of Sleep Disorders

The standard treatments for sleep disorders are effective in the general population. However, these treatments can lead to poor compliance and may be ineffective for specific populations. The current study aims to provide complementary data for assessing the efficacy of treatments for sleep disorders in particular populations. Moreover, it explores the therapeutic benefits of different methods of sleep disorder treatment. Hence, it can be recommended for both general practitioners and sleep experts. 

Talk to your healthcare provider if you think you might have a sleep disorder. The doctor can conduct a physical exam to identify any sleep problems. Your healthcare provider may find it helpful to keep a two-week sleep log. Your healthcare provider might order tests to rule out other conditions that could cause disturbed sleeping. Your healthcare provider may refer you to a clinic for sleep disorders if he or she suspects you might have a sleeping disorder which may also help you to fall asleep fast. A sleep specialist will examine your symptoms and recommend that you have a sleep study.


There have been major advances in the treatment of sleep disorders, but gaps remain between research evidence and clinical practice. Medication therapy is the most common therapeutic approach, and family physicians typically prescribe medications as the first line of treatment. Unfortunately, few health-care providers have received adequate training in treating sleep disorders. Unfortunately, this can result in inadequate sleep health, as well as impaired quality of life. Here are some helpful resources for treating sleep disorders:


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