How To Develop A Successful On-Demand Ride-hailing App like Easy Taxi Clone?


How do you Build A Ride-hailing App? – that’s presumably what Easy Taxi Clone was thinking when they came up with the idea of people traveling taking taxi rides on the go for the first time.

Ride-sharing App revenue is expected to increase by 53% by 2021, and it is a big deal as it all start with the two men’s initiative to build a Taxi Ride Hailing Services.

Given everything, we decided to share our knowledge about creating a ride-sharing app like Easy and the core features that your apps must-have.

Analyzing The Competitive Landscape

The first thing any aspiring entrepreneur or start-up should do is investigate their competition. What are the chances? Perhaps your concept has already been execute in the way you envision it. The competitive analysis provides information about

  • Competitors’ distinct value propositions in the market
  • How well your competitors are performing
  • These are crucial elements to understand before starting a business from the ground up.

Make a point of looking into both direct and indirect competition.
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Direct rivals are companies who sell the same items or services to the same target market as you. Indirect rivals are those that offer similar products/services to you but to a different market. In both circumstances, you’ll need to come up with a unique value proposition to develop Easy Clone App.

New Features To Have In Your Taxi Booking App Like Easy Taxi Clone

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App

It allows Apple users to book taxis directly from their Apple watch. Makes it easier for your users to quick book their taxis. It has a similar work flow like that of any Taxi Booking App, offering cab model to choose, make payment, ETA.

  • Push Notifications Based on Location

The administrator can use this feature to target users according to their locations. Notifications, mass announcements, and other similar messages can be mass sent targeting the locations/users.

  • Limiting the driver’s ability to defraud

People gain trust as a result of the fare procedures, which leads to more bookings as a result of the function stopping the driver from marking “Arrived” before reaching the user’s location.

  • Cooking consent pop-up

The function alerts users about the use of “cookies” and asks for their permission. The Cookie Consent Popup complies with the GDPR and the EU Cookie Directive.

  • Using Firebase for mobile number verification

Up to 10,000 times, you can verify your phone number for free using Google Firebase. The app owner will then have to pay according to the package selected. It is significantly cheaper than third-party SMS services, which are charge and pricey.

  • Covid19 Safety Features

Now that most people are aware of the minimum safety regulations, getting a ride has become slightly safer. The app, on the other hand, presents a COVID19 safety checklist to both riders and drivers at the outset of the trip to guarantee that everyone’s safety is ensure.

Buying Only White-label Easy Taxi Clone Clone Taxi App Solution

Here’s a quick rundown of the White-labelling process for those who aren’t familiar with it.

White-label App Development Company builds the Easy Taxi Clone Taxi Application, which is then rebranded and marketed under your brand to launch it anywhere across the globe.

When white-labelled, the Easy Taxi Clone Clone Taxi App adds a lot of value to your taxi business. Choosing a reputable taxi booking app firm is necessary for developing a high-quality, bespoke taxi booking app.

The reason to buy only White-label Easy Ride-Hailing App Solution:

• The most significant benefit of purchasing a white-labelled Taxi Booking App is the cost savings.

• The Easy Taxi Clone Clone App is ready to launch and customise to meet your business needs. This saves you time and work.

• It doesn’t require maintenance, which means you won’t have to spend a lot of money after producing Easy Taxi Clone Clone Taxi Booking App.

• In just 5 business days, a white-labelled Easy Taxi Clone app may be developed.

Bottom Line

Make sure your taxi booking app, matches your brand and promotes your services when you create it under your company’s name.

If you copy ditto, you will disappoint your users. There’s no point in having an Easy Taxi Clone App Solutions that looks just like the original. It feels like you haven’t taken any efforts to make it different from other Taxi Booking Apps.

Automating taxi operations means creating a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, user-centric features, security elements, and functionality.

A well-designed taxi booking app solution can also assist you in identifying market trends, ensuring optimal management, improving service quality, expanding your client base, and giving your company a competitive advantage.

So, to boost your ROI and acquire a competitive edge in the industry, by partnering it with the Reputed Taxi App Development Company in India.


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