3 Key Challenges of Using Custom-Printed Retractable Banners for Marketing


From city streets to major tradeshows – branded Custom-Printed Retractable Banners are everywhere. These flexible promotional tools help businesses of all sizes engage with target audiences and promote their brands and ideas. Effective banner marketing can significantly increase your brand’s size and popularity.

For example, displaying your Custom-Printed Retractable Banners at a tradeshow will result in new leads. More people will also learn about your brand or products/services. These improvements will have direct, positive impacts on your company’s revenues. You can also use custom-printed banners to create intelligent wayfinding systems outside your store.

High-quality banner ads can help your brand dominate the local market by attracting more new customers to your brick-and-mortar store. These ads work 24/7. When installed in crowded, outdoor locations, they can influence the purchasing decisions of both vehicular and pedestrian consumers. However, banner advertising isn’t that easy.

The Challenges of Using Custom-Printed Banner Ads

There are various legal, design-related, and other long-term challenges associated with banner advertising. But don’t let that discourage you. The businesses that benefit the most from banner ads are local, small-scale brands. These businesses typically have many budgetary constraints. But, that doesn’t prevent them from succeeding.

A recent study by Harvard Business Review claimed that businesses with marketing budget constraints are more creative and innovative. Healthy doses of constraints allow businesses to reframe challenges as opportunities. So, when it comes to executing banner ad campaigns, they get more creative.

Is banner marketing challenging? Yes. Can a small business owner overcome these challenges? Yes. Here’s how.

Challenge #1 Design Challenges 

Your custom-printed retractable banner must be legible and visible from long distances.Custom-Printed Retractable Banners visibility will depend on three factors – its design, placement, and positioning. To get the design part right, brand leaders are advised to develop prototypes. Minimize the risk of creating an unreadable or unappealing banner by creating some test copies.

Then, assess how the banner looks in different lighting conditions. Use these assessments to determine what colors and contrasts will make the banner more readable. Decide on a color scale and color format for your banner. Make sure these color choices are consistent with your brand’s existing identity (brand colors, logo, etc.).

Challenge #2 Legal Challenges 

In the past, every community, industrial park, shopping center, etc., would be full of banner ads, posters, etc. Now, every public place has its own signage code. If you want to install your custom-printed retractable banners in a public location, you’ll have to abide by these codes. To do so, take the following steps.

  • Learn about the local signage codes. Understand what types of banner materials you’re allowed to use.
  • Send permit and variance applications to local authorities. Want to set up your banners outside a mall or a public shopping center? Send applications/requests to the property owners or managers first.
  • Finalize your banner placement plans before kickstarting the banner marketing campaign. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to perform outdoor banner marketing in public spaces.

Challenge #3 Long-Term Maintenance Challenges

Banners require a long-term commitment. Without proper maintenance, your banners may deteriorate in quality. Always inspect your banner’s surfaces for a water, sunlight, or pollution damage. Clean the banner’s fabrics regularly. Develop a strict banner maintenance plan and stick to it.


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