What are the top 10 Disabilities in the United States?


Arthritis, Heart Disease, Degenerative Disc Disease, Respiratory Illness, Mental Illness, Cancer, Stroke, Nervous System Disorders, Diabetes, Immune System. Disorders are ten of the most prevalent disorders that qualify for disability payments. There are many situations for which disability payments may be authorized. Anyone in need who is unable to work due to sickness is given monthly resources by the Social Security Administration. Nevertheless, certain situations qualify more often than others.

There is a significant possibility that your disability claim will be accepted if you suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions. Get assistance by completing a Free Case Evaluation to determine your eligibility for disability benefits right now. So, what circumstances make someone disabled? What are the top 10 illnesses that warrant disability benefits?


The diseases that are most often recognized as qualifying for disability payments include arthritis and associated musculoskeletal impairments. You will be eligible if your arthritis prevents you from walking or from using your fingers dexterously to type or write.

Heart illness

Tens of thousands of people die from heart disease each year, making it one of the most fatal diseases in the US. Many different cardiac conditions, including congenital heart defects and congestive heart failure, may be eligible.

Degenerative Disc Condition

Another musculoskeletal ailment, DDD often affects people 60 years of age and older and may be so incapacitating that it may prevent you from walking. If someone can demonstrate that they cannot sit in one place for more than two hours without discomfort, they may also qualify for DDD.

Respiratory Conditions

Unexpectedly many persons with respiratory ailments are eligible for Social Security disability payments. One of the most prevalent ailments is COPD, which may be fatal.

Mental Disorders

Almost 20% of those who get Social Security disability payments have a mental disease like autism or a mood disorder like depression or anxiety, which may come as a surprise to you. One in four Americans has an impairment that is mood-based, which explains why so many individuals are diagnosed with mood disorders. Although being diagnosed with a mental illness does not automatically qualify you for benefits, it is among the top 10 diseases that do.


Almost everyone has experienced the effects of cancer in some way. The majority of tumors must be at stage III or above to qualify, however certain very aggressive diseases, including liver cancer, might qualify with only a diagnosis.


Another frequent but fatal disease is a stroke. After a stroke, some individuals never completely recover. You might be considered disabled if you need help walking or communicating vocally or nonverbally.

Disorders of the Nervous System

These include ailments like cerebral palsy or epilepsy. If you have more than one tonic-clonic seizure each month and have epilepsy, for instance, you could be qualified.


Since millions of people can manage their diabetes, it is not a crippling illness in and of itself. But when problems are so bad, they interfere with your everyday life, diabetes can become a debilitating illness. You will be eligible if you are too overweight to walk. You will also be eligible if you have glaucoma and are thus legally blind.

Immune System Conditions

HIV infections and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis are examples of immune system problems. Your eligibility for benefits if you have this kind of arthritis will depend on your capacity to work.

What Situations Constitute a Disability?

Arthritis, cardiovascular disease, degenerative disc disease, and illnesses of the mind are among the conditions that qualify for disability benefits. You can be eligible for disability payments if your medical condition is severe enough to keep you from working for at least a year.

DirectAccessGP noted that the Blue Book, a comprehensive list of conditions recognized by the SSA as qualifying for disability payments, is available. In accordance with the Blue Book, musculoskeletal disorders, special senses and speech, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, genitourinary, hematological, skin, endocrine, congenital disorders that affect multiple body systems, neurological disorders, mental disorders, cancer, and immune system disorders are among the conditions that qualify as disabilities.

Only a select few medical problems, such as ALS, organ transplantation, or a select few hazardous diseases, such as esophageal cancer, mucosal melanoma, anaplastic thyroid cancer, or small-cell carcinoma, will automatically qualify for disability approval (of the prostate, ovaries, breast, lungs, pleura, intestines, or bladder). Checking to verify whether your medical condition matches the exact specifications listed by the SSA for that condition is the next step for all other medical conditions for disability benefits approval.

You may ask your doctor for the clinical or laboratory tests that are required for your incapacitating condition if you haven’t already had them. You may also wait for the SSA to foot the bill for a consultation test but doing so will delay your claim’s processing.

If the test results are already in your medical file when you apply, better. Then, if your test results are near to or meet the standards of the listing, you may apply for disability payments. You should go to the SSA’s Blue Book to learn more about conditions that can qualify for disability benefits. All medical problems that could be authorized for disability compensation are included in the Blue Book. Make sure your situation complies with the mentioned parameters for a disability.

Final words

As you can see, a lot of people qualify to be considered as people with disabilities. If you are currently engaged in the process of constructing a building, you will need to pay special attention towards these. Then you can make sure that you build the building while helping people to manage their disabilities as well. On top of that, you need to make sure that every space you create is accessible for people, regardless of these disabilities that they are struggling with.


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