Exness Singapore: how to use the MT4 trading platform


Forex brokers are offering the MT4 Trading platform to their clients. While MetaTrader4 is the most widely used trading platform, software and has the largest number of orders that are executed every day. Let’s learn about forex brokers through exness Singapore.

MetaTrader4 created by MetaQuotes contain millions of traders using MT4 as the mainstay of their trading, as well as having the distinction of being among the leading software platforms used to use for Online Forex Trading. Find out the more information about MT4 in this article.

How to use MT4 MetaTrader Platform?

MT4 contains all the essential elements to achieve outstanding efficiency in the trading industry. Besides this, it is also suitable for all levels of strategy, whether the retail or institutional trader whether professional or beginner. MT4 as a trading application is processing trades at a high level of effectiveness, high security and endless trading opportunities.

*MT4 indicators and extensions as well as plugins.

One of the top MT4 features we believe is an excellent charting package that includes the latest technical indicators.  As well as integral fundamental analysis. The Platform is designed to be a simple navigate interface that includes many indicators that are available via the package or as add-ons using plugins.


Another advantage is the well-known automatized trading methods which are implemented using scripts. With the possibility of customizing for those who are able to manage code. Learn further information on the MQL. Also known by the name of Expert Advisors (EAs) providing various options that are utilized and modified by traders of any level via the library that is downloaded offering a myriad of options for trading.

Another aspect that is of immense capability is the use of VPN, that allows run strategies to run without interruption, and to use EAs local robots.

*MT4 back testing.

The mt4 brokers you choose to work with, have various options to back testing using the Demo account.  It is a great way to evaluate EAs or certain strategies by using its Strategy Tester section via the historical information.

What is it that makes MT4 so famous?

For those who are just beginning to trade on the forex market, it can be difficult. particularly with the many decisions one must make. However, selecting the right trading platform isn’t something that a novice trader could complete without instructions. And that’s the point of this article is to explain what is the MT4 trading system is about. It is used by a variety of brokers across the globe. The MT4 platform can give traders the security of a secure and safe trading environment. Its popularity can be attributed to the following factors:

User Friendly Interface

The user interface for the platform has been well-designed and allows traders to trade in the forex market with the least amount of hassle. Whatever one’s experience in trading it’s an option that can be used to meet the requirements of experienced traders and novice traders.

Support Multiple Languages

Since it is the case that MT4 trading platform supports hundreds of languages. Investors from around world will have no issues with using on the MT4 platform using their native languages.

Advanced Charting Package

For traders who trade forex among the instruments they heavily rely on to analyze the market for foreign exchange is the price graph. Thanks to the MT4 trading platform’s advanced charting program traders can study and trade in the market in a fast and efficient manner. The charting program also includes a variety of technical indicators that traders can add to their price charts.

Expert Advisors (EAs)

The primary feature of this MT4 trading software is its capability to automate trading with using expert advisors. EAs are software scripts that are developed with MQL 4. MQL 4 language that are coupled with the MT4 platform to perform trades on a regular basis, in accordance with the parameters specified for the trader. It is because of this characteristic that MT4 gained a lot of popularity among traders in the forex market.

Built in Communication Tool

The MT4 is also equipped with a sophisticated communications tool that lets forex brokers send messages to traders in real-time, thus ending long emails.

Low Resources platform

Contrary to flash-driven trading platforms which are flash driven, unlike flash-driven trading platforms, the MT4 trading platform isn’t loaded with computer resources, thereby creating minimal disruptions to a computer. Since the MT4 platform does not hog all computer resources, traders are able to react more quickly to market changes.

Highly Secured

Because of the nature of trading in forex it is crucial to protect traders’ personal details as well as their data. With its 128-bit security key, the MT4 can provide traders a secure trading environment that isn’t vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Highly Customizable

The MT4 is also extremely customizable and traders are able to alter the appearance of the trading screens to fit their own preferences.


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