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Everyone knows that in the modern world, you may find very few people in the world, who can live this world without having a phone or using a phone. You may also know many people in this world, who cannot live without their phones. You may be thinking that if something happens with their phone, then what type of reaction the people are going to give to you. So if you are thinking of doing some prank with the phone, and not of yours but with someone else’s phone, then it is going to be very hilarious. But there are a couple of things also, which you have seen before you do any type of prank with anyone’s phone. You have to see this thing, that the prank which you are doing, that doesn’t make any harm, not with the person, and most important with the phone also. So whatever you are doing, that must be a safe and funny thing at the same time also. So you are going to get the names of pranks from here, which you can do with the mobiles. 

Cracked screen 

You may see that anyone doesn’t want the screen of their phone to get cracked, or anything to happen with their phone. This is not the story of one or two people, but this is the story of almost everyone. If the person wants to buy rakhi online, then the person cannot do this work because of your crack screen prank. So what you can do, if you want to do some prank with the phone. You may have heard from many people that there are many applications in the app store, which offer many types of cracked screen wallpaper for setting it in the phone. So what you can do, you can take the phone of that person, on whom you want to do the prank. You can just download that type of application, and set the cracked screen wallpaper, not only on the lock screen but on the home screen also. Because the crack screen wallpaper is in both places, then it looks more real than having it in one place. So this cracked screen phone prank you can pull on anybody by using the phone. 

Voice assistant

You and anyone else are going to be very annoying if you hear someone just repeating whatever you are saying. If a person is doing this thing, then you can shut up that person, or you can move away from that person. But what anyone is going to do, if the phone is doing that thing. So what you can do, you can go to the system setting of the phone, and you can on the voice assistant of the phone, which is going to repeat everything, which the phone is hearing. So the voice assistant prank is a prank, which you can do with the phone. 

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Tape on mic 

If you are talking in a very loud voice, what is going to be your reaction if the person with whom you are talking, doesn’t hear anything. The same type of thing is going to happen with that person, with whom you do this prank. You can use that tape also for doing this prank, which you get from gifts and flowers online. So what you can do, you can take the phone of that person without that person getting to know about it. You can just tape the mic of the phone, which is very useful for sending the voice through it. You can place the cover of the phone upon it also. So this tape on mic prank, you can do on the phone also. 

Contact switch 

You may find very few people, who may remember the number of that person, with whom the person is talking. So what you can do, you can just change the name of the person from the contact list on the phone. So what is going to happen with it, that the person calls someone but the call connects with someone else because the name and the number are different? You can pull this contact switch prank with anyone, and if any phone also. 

So you have got one of the best pranks ideas, which you can do with anybody’s phone, and most importantly when you do this prank, then there is not going to be any problem with the phone. So you don’t need to worry about the phone’s condition also, that if something happens to the phone, then the phone amount you have to pay. So without further information about what you can do, you can just use the prank ideas, which you get from here and can do pranks on the phone. You are going to get a lot of entertainment and fun after you implement your prank idea. 


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