How to Measure a TV Screen the Right Way


How to measure the size of your TV screen isn’t that difficult but there are a few factors to be considered prior to installing it in your space. Find out how to measure the size of a TV screen in the correct way.

Knowing how to gauge a TV isn’t a problem however there are a few things that you must know about.

The most commonly used TV measurement is size of the screen, and you can determine the diagonal measurement by measuring across the entire screen from corner to corner. If you require the dimensions of your TV prior to placing it in your home it is ideal to measure the width, height, and depth. Also Read: best tv for eyes

It’s possible to measure this yourself by using a tape measure , or in the event that you are aware of the diagonal dimension you can make use of a calculator to figure out the width and the height that the display.

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How Do You Measure a TV Screen Size?

Before you purchase or install the TV, it may be useful to comprehend the dimensions. Although it’s not difficult to determine the dimensions of a TV however, there are some things you should be aware of before diving in. Find out which are the most important things to be measured, and why they are essential.

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1. Measure the TV’s Screen Size

The size of the TV screen is measured diagonally, between the edges of the screen. It is usually measured in inches.

If you’re trying to measure the size of the TV screen, take measurements from the top left corner up to lower right. From the bottom left to the top right. It doesn’t matter as it’s all exactly the same.

Don’t include the bezel, or frame on the edges of the screen. Just the area that displays the image. Also Read: best tv for ps3

The typical TV sizes vary between 28 and 30-inches for LED TVs with small screens to 70 or 80 inches or more for huge OLED screens and LEDs.

A few manufacturers will refer to a TV’s size as a “class”, therefore, they could say that it’s a 55-inch-class. This signifies that the screen is 55-inches from corner corner, which includes the frame. Therefore, the actual size of the screen will be slightly smaller.

2. Measure the TV’s Width

If you are planning to measure the TV’s dimensions to put it in a recess or cabinet for example, it is recommended to determine the exact dimensions.

Thus, your measurements must include the bezel that runs along an edge since it will provide you with a clear picture of the actual dimensions of the television.

Put your ruler along the left side of the screen. Take a measurement across the right-hand side. Make sure you add the frame to both sides.

Also, you should be aware of where the cables for any external devices must be. Televisions typically have connections to one side or the back.

Make sure you check your TV to find the cable connections for your television. If they’re on the other side, ensure you include some space.

You may also make use of the TV dimensions calculator to calculate the width without using a ruler, if you are aware of the size of your TV screen.

3. Find Out the TV’s Height

To find the height, set your measurement on the highest point of the frame. determine the distance from the frame’s bottom edge.

Televisions are not usually equipped with connectors at either the bottom or top. when you put the TV on stand, you must be aware of what this might make the height.

If you’ve not purchased the TV at this point, the manufacturer’s website will usually show the dimensions of the TV and the stand.

4. Measure the Depth of the TV

Before installing a TV an additional measurement that is important to be aware of is its depth. The depth is the distance between an edge of the TV towards the back.

Even though many modern TVs come with very thin screens – particularly OLED TVs, the rear part of your TV is likely to be an extra thicker area that houses the TV’s electronic components.

When you measure the depth of your TV and width, you can determine the distance the screen will be able to project away from the cabinet or wall.

However, you must make sure that the connections you need are located at the back, since it will take more space to set up. Also Read: best 28 inch smart tv

A way to reduce space in the back of the room is to get right-angle connectors. This lets the wires hang instead of facing the wall.

A TV stand could help to increase the overall depth, so make sure to verify this.


  • No supplies required


  • 1x tape ruler or measure

Projector and TV Screen Dimension Calculator

If you are aware of a TV’s diagonal dimension it is possible to work out the width and height of the screen using the calculator which will avoid you from searching for tape measures.

Every modern TV has the aspect ratio that is 16:9. If you are aware of one distance – length, width, or diagonal it’s easy to determine the other.

For instance, you can determine the dimensions in terms of width and height when you enter the diagonal size of the screen. You can also enter the height and you’ll be able to get the width and diagonal dimensions.

You can make use of this calculator to determine the dimensions of your screen for various aspect ratios. Choose the ratio of 4:3 and 2.39:1 before entering the screen size that will give you the right lengths.

How to Measure a Flat Screen TV?

The flat screen TV’s diagonal measurement is taken from the opposite sides of the screen, excluding the frame that surrounds the edge. However, some manufacturers include the width of the frame as part of their specification.

How to Measure a TV Without a Tape Measure?

The best method of measuring your TV without tape measures is to visit the official website of the manufacturer to find the diagonal size of the screen for the model of TV you have. Enter the diagonal distance into the Screen dimensions calculator to determine both the height and width.

How Is a 55-inch TV Measured?

A 55-inch TV can be measured by measuring the width of the visible screen diagonally across the entire screen from one corner. Take your tape measure, place it on the top left corner. Then, measure until the corner at bottom, not focusing on the bezel that runs across the entire screen.


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