My Top 10 Free Online Tools To Check A Website For Errors


When a website has broken links, it is not beneficial for the site; you must resolve such links and redirect them to the correct URL.

It usually happens when the website’s owners make a change or remove a page from the site. These links are also known as dead links, and they are harmful to both SEO and website visitors.

To check for broken links and site availability, there are a variety of online tools available on the market that do a quick check and make our lives easier.

On the other hand, the website checker tool will provide information on performance and page speed at the same time. You don’t want broken links on your website, whether it’s a business one or a personal one.

Broken links can be restored without affecting the website’s data. It can be repaired using the tools mentioned in this article. Your website will receive more visits, and its Google rating will improve as a result of applying these tools.

The best website online tools to analyze the site in order to provide the best experience to your page visitors are:

1- Sitechecker:

The Sitechecker website crawler examines your site for broken links and gives you detailed instructions on how to fix them. You may look for 404 error page anchors and correct them right away.

Because it is a web application, it can run on any operating system. Furthermore, any CMS-based website can be crawled. It offers a free SEO assessment of a single page and a monthly/annual membership for the entire website.

Therefore, shopify development services provides a detailed analysis of the technical health of a website. It offers a free scan of 100 web pages. Also, it includes broken links, redirect chains, orphan links, and indexation issues.

2- Pingdom:

When it comes to website checking tools, Pingdom is an excellent option. With this analyzer tool, monitoring website performance is simple.

The waterfall breakdown, performance grade, page analysis, and history are among the four categories.

The size analysis, size by domain, number of requests per domain, and what type of subject matter got the most requests will all be displayed in the page analysis. It will also show where bottlenecks exist and where improvements might be made.

3- W3C:

While inspecting the broken links on your website. W3C Link Checker gives you options such as displaying only the summary, hiding redirects, checking only documents, headings, and so on.

The status of the link is provided in the results, as well as a list of issues discovered online tools while checking those broken links. This free poor link tester is part of the W3C Validators and Quality Web Tool.

It examines the faults with the website’s links, anchors, and referenced items. The depth to which the tool can go can be limited. This tool is also available for download and installation on your computer.

It makes use of HTML and CSS to achieve the best scanning results.

4- Website Grader:

One of the fastest website scanner tools is website grader. On the other hand, the performance report is divided into four sections: performance, mobile, SEO, and security. Page capacity, page performance, a page request, browser storage, and page redirection are all listed in the performance section. 

A score out of 30 can be found in the mobile section. It demonstrates how well your website is optimized for mobile applications in its mobile form.

It has a score of 30 in the SEO department as well. This reveals how accessible your website is to your target audience. It involves a review of the meta description, headings, and site map, among other things.

5- Dead link Checker:

Dead Link Checker systematically searches your website, detecting all dead links that cause problems.

It can generate an HTML output for a quick review of the findings and a link cache file to help speed up multiple requests. Therefore online tools such as Dead Link Checker can detect broken links.

Site Check, Multi Check, and Autocheck are the three techniques of checking for dead links.

It uses wildcards to filter the URL keyword and the ability to pause and resume at any time. It scans many URLs at the same time.

6- Semrush:

Semrush is a multipurpose tool that may be used for both monitoring and efficiency. You may look at various items, like your analytics report, visual charts, and a content analyzer.

You can conveniently compare your competitor’s position changes to your own. The analysis will be constructed by combining all of the data into a single tidy drag-and-drop document.

Furthermore, the reports can be easily customized online by adding a logo, branding, and feedback features. You can also plan your report time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

7- Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog SEO Spider assists you in exploring and assessing your website swiftly.

It’s capable of crawling both tiny and huge sites. It aids in the viewing, analyzing, and filtering crawl data as it is collected.

SEO Spider online tools allow you to export elements. For instance, URLs, page titles, meta explanations, and captions to Excel can be used as a reference for SEO.

8- Dotcom-Monitor:

The geographical tests can be done simultaneously, which saves time. You may also look at the waterfall breakdown’s individual report.

There are five sections to the analysis. Summary, performance, waterfall chart, and mistakes are all included in this section. It will display the performance of the fastest and slowest elements.

9- WebPageTest:

WebPageTest is a simple website analyzer that allows you to keep track of your site’s performance. Simple tests can be done with some additional setup choices.

Multi-step transactions, video recording, content blocking, and other tests are used online tools website checking applications. The advanced configuration option gives advance, chromium, auth, script, and custom choices during testing.

10- WordPress Broken Link Checker:

A WordPress broken link checker verifies all of your content links and images’ HTTP status response codes.

It crawls your content, eliminating links and images, and looking for broken links, redirections, and no-follow links, among other things. It performs several checks on websites and customizes the findings.


The website mentioned above checker tools will provide you with deep reporting. Whereas online tools are important for checkpoints to keep an eye on when it comes to the overall performance levels of your webpage for increased commercial success. Performance statements will be based on both location and browser choices.


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