Painted vs. Anodized Aluminum Windows Price & Features Comparison


Gone are the days when aluminum windows and style were far from each other. With innovations and technologies, the lightweight metal Windows come in a variety of sturdy designs that look beautiful and add charm to the aesthetics of any building. 

However, aluminum Windows need a protective coat to maintain their beauty and luster. For this, aluminum window manufacturers choose a surface treatment depending on the customer requirements. 

Here in this article, we discuss two of the most popular surface finishing processes- anodizing and painting. If you want to know more about them or are on the fence to decide between the two, this article is for you. 

What is Anodizing?

Aluminum is a metal that develops a passive layer of oxide on its surface when exposed to air. Once this occurs, aluminum becomes inert, and the layer naturally protects the rest of the metal from corroding. 

This property of aluminum is used for the surface treatment of aluminum windows. The process involves creating a thick oxide layer using the electrolysis principle. Here, the manufacturers submerge the aluminum windows into an electrolytic bath and run an electric current through the metal. 

The chemicals in the electrolytic bath are recycled for anodizing another aluminum window.

Here the window part acts as an anode, which at the end of the process has a thick oxide layer. In short, anodizing is an artificial method to create an oxide layer teacher than the naturally occurring layer to protect the aluminum windows from losing their finesse and shine. 

The artificially induced oxide layer has high resistance to wear and corrosion. It also improved the surface glue and primer adhesion to make it perfect for adding dyes to the surface. and 

TOSTEM’s TEXGUARD is an innovative anodization method that uses patented technology to create oxides that protect the aluminum windows from wear and tear for a long time.

What is Paint Coating?

Painting is another type of surface treatment that adds color to aluminum windows. The most common way to paint aluminum windows is through a powder coating process. 

Powder coating is used in a wide variety of aluminum window designs. You can get the color of your choice for your window. Here, the paint is applied to the aluminum surface electrically. The window is then baked in an oven to ensure a consistent finish.  

Painting allows you to reapply the layers when the colors fade out over time. It also creates a protective layer to protect the aluminum window from corroding. 

Anodizing vs. Painting- Features, and Price

Now let’s compare the two finishing processes:

– Changes to Dimension

A thin anodized coat provides long-lasting protection. It means little or no changes to the dimension of aluminum windows.

But with painting, a thick layer is needed to achieve the goal. Moreover, repainting tends to increase the thickness of the aluminum windows.

– Color Variety

Anodized coating offers smooth metallic colors the best. 

The painting also offers a variety of colors and different textures. 

– Environment Friendly

Both coating processes are environmentally friendly. With anodization, the manufacturer can recycle the electrolyte bath. This affects the overall pricing as well. 

– Resistance to Wear and Tear

Anodized aluminum window lasts longer than paint coated. The extra anodized layer offers more corrosion resistance.

– Price

Both have marginal differences when it comes to price. However, the cost-effectiveness of anodized aluminum windows is more as it effectively has a longer shine than paint coated aluminum process.  


While exploring aluminum windows, you must consider buying the one with the best surface finishing methods. Investing in an anodized aluminum window is ideal, as it offers long-lasting shine and easy maintenance, when compared to a paint-coated window. 


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